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House Painters Melbourne: Paint Ideas That Transform Your Old House to A New One

Many homeowners in Melbourne think that they can paint professionally on their own. But any painting pro in the area can distinguish whether the workmanship has a real image problem or not. One of the disadvantages in that done-in-a-day DIY house painting job is that the colour fades away so fast. That is because it is quite easy to do a job poorly especially if you are not a pro. Hence, there is always a satisfaction guaranteed quality job when it is done by professional painting services. . This is especially true when it comes to the interior painting of a house. This is where a professional painting company in Melbourne comes in handy. However, there are also a few tricks of the trade that homeowners can learn to improve their painting skills along the way we highly recommend to check our painting tips compilations. Also here are some creative paint ideas that can help transform your old house into something spectacular and new-looking.

Paint Ideas That Transform Your Old House to a New One

Choose the right colour combination

Choosing the most suitable colour combination is the first step in doing a successful painting job in your home’s interior. Never expect a thumbnail-size colour chip from the paint store to offer you a sense of how the colour will really look on your wall. Colours are usually relative to each other and the objects around them. The best thing you should do is to get a sample quantity of paint from the store. Then, brush two coats on the three feet square of your wall to see how it will actually look. Doing this helps you get a better idea of how your walls will look after you paint it. Inspect the colour at different times of the day to see how it would look under different light conditions. It’s only after doing these steps that you will be able to get a good idea of how attractive that particular colour will look on your walls.
Prepare and clean the surface before painting

Painting preparation includes scraping, sanding, and dust-making. Don’t be surprised as to how fast dust travels. Dust can get into even the smallest area in your home. Hence, cover the furniture and the doorways that lead to the work area before starting the work. You have to cleanse the walls that need to be painted thoroughly, especially in the kitchen area. If you don’t do this, you might be painting a greased-filled wall where the paint is not going to stick for long. Same goes for the bathroom where shampoo, cosmetics, and hairspray residue are rampant on the walls. Use a household cleaner on tough areas and rinse well. After that, you can now start painting your interior walls. For more kitchen cleaning tips before painting, check a more detailed guide
in painting kitchen
Use a good quality paint brush

A good length paint brush is essential to do a perfect interior painting job in your home. A brush made with a mix of nylon and polyester can help hold and release latex paints exceptionally well. Hardwood handles are easier to grip especially when your hands are sweaty. A 14 to 18-inch roller holds enough paint to cover a lot of areas much faster. Never dip the roller into the paint so deep that the roller arm gets wet. Strain the paint into a clean bucket at the start of each day. Even if you seal the lid tightly overnight, you need to follow this step to avoid coagulated pieces of paint. Make sure you paint all the woodwork first before moving to the walls. This helps you do a better job on the walls. When applying the coats, do not just focus on coverage. You should think about uniform thickness as well. Your strokes should follow the grain when painting the woodwork. For more
painting secrets
  check our post that most Pro painters do.

Painting your house interior is not a difficult task after all especially if you are equipped with the right knowledge and guide. Surely, there are many things that you need to keep in mind and consider in this regard. However, if you are not confident enough to do the painting job on your own, there are many painting and decorating companies out there to help you out such as interior painting
 offered by 1800 All Painting. We have the right specialists who have the best ideas to transform your old house into something new and different, we highly recommend to check out our before & after projects and testimonials.
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