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The sheer number of jobs required to raise a building from the ground up is mind-boggling. From finalizing the design to choosing materials, from procuring material to finding people, from sticking to deadlines and not compromising on quality- every day is a synchronization of many people doing many tasks.

To simplify this endeavor are online tools for builders. Tools can range from bidding tools to contract specific ones. All of them come with their own benefits. Let’s take a look at a few advantages of these apps:

  1. Bidding Tools- these tools are put into use at the very beginning of the process. With it, builders can submit their own bids and track the responses they receive. The tool will also let builders submit supporting documents. From the vendor’s point of view, handy app or email access allows them to look at all the information and then decide what works best for them.
  2. Progress Tools- These organization tools can tell you what you’ve done, are working on and need to do. It can help track orders, look at all the procurements and keep abreast of all activities at the site. It could be something as simple as what the weather conditions are like, or as comprehensive asweekly schedules for the team, photos for reference, item lists of belongings of the people working on the site and notes if required.
  3. Documentation Tools- From contracts to building documents and purchase orders, this tool keeps all of them in order. You can use tools to even generate payments. Everything is updated as and when changes take place. This is especially important when it comes to blueprints and permits. Nobuilding can progress without them, and having a tool to gather documentation in one place and to note of any and all changes is vital. It’s also important to keep records of any discussions and meetings within the building team and with clients. Minutes, who attended the meetings, the points raised, discussed and resolved, all get noted down with this tool. Nomore searching for important papers in a messy filing cabinet.
  4. Budgeting Tools- The most important question clients ask often have to do with the finances of the project. For a builder to have a ready tool to keep track of expenses and plan for others is vital.Budgeting can be a huge nightmare and a tool to facilitate these complicated calculations is a boon.

All these tools are virtual and the software that enables them is well thought out and designed. Online tools should be real-time and covenant. A building is a collaborative effort; tools are too. Online tools for builders allow simultaneous use. Everyone can get involved- the clients and the contractors alike. It’s also important to choose tools and software that doesn’t need an internet connection at all times. If it can make changes and update the same without a net connection then it lends itself to more easy and extensive use.