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In an ideal world, we would all be living in houses with
straight walls with no weird textures and angles. Unfortunately, this is not an
ideal world and there are a lot of tricky places in our houses that require
some brainstorming on how will you fill those paint gaps the right way. At
first glance, this might seem as an overwhelming undertaking, but with the
right tips and tricks, you just might get it right. And once you’ve done it the
first time, you’ll become a true pro and end up giving advices to your friends
with the same problems. Here’s how to deal with the most common tricky painting


Funky angles
A room with strange and angles can look modern and edgy, but
when it comes to painting, it can become a nightmare. You have different
options proposed by interior designers and you can choose what suits you the
most. You can paint everything, but the ceiling, with the same wall color. For less
strange and edgy look, opt for the same color for all walls and the ceiling.
Accentuating those oddities and taking the best out of them is possible by
painting them into different colors or painting the ceiling and angles white
and everything else dark.

nichescan be a proper challenge for a beginner in this kind of endeavors.
So listen carefully. You have two options: painting only the back wall and
painting the whole thing. The both options have their advantages and decorative
perks. This is a challenge only because it leaves it entirely up to you to
decide. Painting only the back is the popular choice, because it makes
decorative work stand out, while painting everything, provides you with a
cohesive and elegant look.
Tray ceilings


Although they are providing the room with interesting
architectural solution, they can be rather complicated for painting. But it
also gives you the opportunity to get creative with colors and make the ceiling
the focal point of the room. Painting it with metallic colors create warmth and
depth, while choosing a darker shade gives an illusion of height, claim reputed
interior wall paint suppliers
. The popular solutions are also ceiling
Bull-nose corners


Here’s a tricky one. Rounded corners fill your house with an
elegant and soft feel, but what to do when the time of painting is knocking at
your door? You can use the same color for the whole wall and the corners or you
can use two colors and stop when you come to 90 degrees, to soften the
transition between colors. If you are not a risk taker, pick one neutral color.
Otherwise, get creative with bold shades.
Moldings give your house a
touchof chic
, so don’t take this job lightly. Make them stand out by
painting them in different color from the room. You can choose the one that is
contrasting it slightly, complementary color or get really creative in order to
create interesting and innovative space. For an extra “kick” opt for high-gloss
or semigloss colors. Matte wouldn’t be very efficient in accentuating these
wall areas. By choosing a high-contrast ribbon, you are making the space feel
less vast.
Now it shouldn’t seem as complicated as it did when we just
started this text. All it takes is knowing a few hacks and sticking to them to
a certain point. When that point comes, you’ll have to unleash your inner Da
Vinci and get creative with choosing of colors and combining them in
entertaining and stylish ways. Time to start painting!