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Somewhere along the line, your reliable home power generator will give up on you  like all machines do eventually. It could be because of negligence or normal usage, but that doesn’t spell the end  not by a long shot – because you can get it to work again if the damage isn’t too extensive. Read on to find out what your options are when it comes to repairing your home power generator.

Take it To an Authorized Dealer

When a dealer gets authorized to handle sales, installation, maintenance and repairs from the generator’s manufacturer, you can be assured that their employees have been well-trained and certified to handle all your generator needs. When you take your broken unit to an authorized dealer, you can expect them to have technicians with the skills and knowledge to get your generator up and running. You can also be assured that they will have all the spare parts and equipment needed to get the job done.

Take it to Your Local Repairman

A good generator repairman can fix minor problems, preventing them from getting bigger, and fix major problems, making your generator operational again. These repairs jobs can save you hundreds of dollars in the long-run. Local repairmen are also more affordable than authorized dealers and can fix and replace any part, giving you peace of mind that you’re covered next time there is a blackout.

Repair it yourself
First thing is to rule out fuel issues, such as fuel delivery problems and clogging
of the gas vent hole, filter and carburetor. Next you need to check if your generator is producing enough spark by looking at the condition of the spark plugs and replacing them if they look worn. If your generator fails to start when you flick the self-starter switch, make sure the battery is adequately charge or replaced. Then you need to check if the engine is getting enough air by cleaning or replacing the air filter so the carburetor isn’t hindered.

Buy it Some New Parts

If your home power generator breaks down due to some faulty parts and you know your way around the unit, all need are some new ones. You need to inspect the generator and find out which parts need replacing. You could have a faulty filter, plug, stator, connector or rotor. Once you have identified the culprits, head to your next authorized dealer or hardware store that sells the parts and purchase them so you can install them. You can also buy generator parts online for major brands such as Generac, Honda and Onan generator parts.

When your generator fails, especially during a time you need it the most, it can cause a panic situation. You can use any of the options discussed in this article and get your generator up and running again so that your mind can be at ease, knowing you are ready for the next power outage.