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Smart home technology is definitely in its prime, with more new and innovative solutions launching every day. The companies that did exist in the space — such as Ring, for example — have stretched their offerings into many new fields like home security, convenience, or even just smart, efficient controls.

One of the better smart home devices is a smart Wi-Fi or video doorbell. It’s up there with the likes of smart garage door openers, smart locks, and smart security cams. But what makes it so convenient? What are some reasons why you might consider buying and installing one? Alternatively, what are some reasons why you wouldn’t want to do so?

Let’s take a quick look!

What Is a Smart Wi-Fi or Video Doorbell?

Starting with the basics, a smart video doorbell replaces your conventional or “dumb” doorbell. It works the same, people ring it to let you know they’re at your front door. The biggest difference, however, is that the conventional chime isn’t the only alert. You can now see a live stream — yes that’s means seeing who’s at your door — from a mobile device. You can also check in on your front door or entry while you’re away, and receive security or motion alerts when the doorbell detects various events.

The biggest draw of a smart doorbell is that you can see who’s at your front door no matter where you are — even away from home — and if you pair it with a smart lock you can actually let people in, if need be.

Why You Might Want One?

Here are some reasons why you might want to go grab one and install it right now.

1. They’re Super Convenient

The remote functionality, live viewing access and various mobile alerts make using a smart video doorbell is incredibly easy and convenient. When someone rings your doorbell a notification appears on your mobile or smartphone almost instantly. You can either answer the door through a video feed, or ignore it completely if there’s a solicitor. You can also just turn on the mic and yell at them to get off your doorstep.

2. You Remain Clued In, Better Physical Security

Because everything syncs up with your mobile device, you remain clued in as to what’s happening at home, at all times. This is great for physical security. You can see if a package or parcel has been left on your doorstep, or if someone shady snatched it up. You can also see past motions alerts — often with video — for what’s happening in your neighborhood.

3. They Pair Great with Other Smart Devices

As we already mentioned, pair the smart doorbell with a smart lock and you’ll get remarkable results. You can let the package courier put your expensive shipment inside your home, for instance, and then lock the door after they’ve left.

Pair the doorbell with security cameras to get a better surveillance situation for your entire property. In some cases, the doorbell will even sync up with voice assistants like Alexa (Amazon Echo) or Siri for hands-free controls.

Why You Might Not Want One?

Here are some reasons why you might want to avoid getting a smart Wi-Fi or video doorbell.

1. Poor Internet Security

While they do offer improved physical security, there are many instances of these devices lowering network and local internet security. What this means is that your home network is more vulnerable to hackers, and that includes any and all devices connected to it.

While digital security is improving — especially as these devices receive more firmware updates and support — it’s something to be aware of.

2. They Require an Active Internet Connection

If you live in an area where you get poor connectivity throughout your property or just don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, then you’ll want to avoid any smart home devices, including a Wi-Fi doorbell. They need that constant internet access to function correctly.

3. Installation

If you’ve ever installed a doorbell before then you shouldn’t have an issue. It really just involves dismantling and disconnecting the old doorbell and hooking up a couple wires to the new one. Except, the most difficult part is mounting the doorbell in place. It isn’t so bad if your home exterior is wood or soft materials, but if you’re working with concrete or steel it’s going to be a bit more difficult — and take longer — to mount the device(s).

All In All, It’s Worth It

In the end, we wholeheartedly believe the conveniences and benefits offered by smart home devices — including a Wi-Fi video doorbell — are worth it, even with the caveats. And you won’t find a better time to pick one up, as there is always sure to be some great deals on the latest devices.