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The landscaping elements that surround your home can define the most important visual and functional aspects of your property. It’s the first thing guests, potential buyers, and passersby will see when visiting your home, so making sure it not only looks great but provides an effective use of exterior space could be the difference in the lasting impression others are left with. Not to mention the impact it can have on your own quality of life.

For the DIYer in all of us, tackling the complexity and labor involved in a landscape design can seem like a tempting morsel to bite off. The thought of hiring a landscape professional to help bring your ideas to fruition can initially seem expensive, unnecessary, and a waste of time.

However strong those inhibitions can be at first, hiring someone who understands how to cultivate and execute a functional, aesthetically pleasing exterior ecosystem – complete with pathways, porches, and wood deck designs – will be the best money you could ever spend on your home.

A landscape professional helps clients to create and maintain extraordinary outdoor environments with a full range of services that add beauty and value and preserve landscape investments for years to come.

That’s the short version. Behind the curtain the landscape professional does extensive research on each specific job, works with the client to design an exterior space that adds functional space and natural beauty, then refines that design to a level of detail that ensures all selected plants, trees, materials, finishes, and furniture elements are all working together to best reinforce that initial vision that was agreed upon at the onset.

They also work with their team of landscapers, artists, material suppliers, and craftsmen to execute that design, effectively transforming your outdoor environment into something that enhances everything else about your home.

If you take something like this on yourself, you might be left with something you put a lot of time and effort into that doesn’t make the best possible use of your yard, which in the end amounts to a missed opportunity to do something truly memorable.