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The marble fireplace surrounds are fast becoming the most popular choice of interior designing element as it has the ability to add beauty and elegance to any room that has a fireplace. If you are planning for ways to change the entire look of your home, changing the look of the fireplace may be considered as the simple solution as it is regarded as the focal point in the room. By changing the facade or mantle of the fireplace an entire room can be transformed in to luxurious or elegant and sophisticated room. There are many suppliers who make customized antique andirons designs for marble fireplace surrounds, and the prices vary in accordance with the type of marble that is used and the measurement of the area where these are to be installed.
History of Marble fireplaces


The rare white colored marble fireplaces were first introduced as early as the 17th century. As the fireplace is usually the focal point of the home, it is very important to ensure that it creates an image of lasting impression on the visitor’s mind. The stunning marble fireplace can turn a simple room into an extra special one. Today, these marble fireplaces are available in variety of colors, designs and styles.
Benefits of marble fireplace surrounds

Marble fireplaces are made from highly polished limestone that provides shine and gloss to the surrounding area. Marble fireplace surrounds have benefits like:

-These can be cleaned easily by using a damp wash cloth. 
-These are available in varied colors and shades. 
-They act as an amazing centerpiece because of its luxurious look. 
-These surrounds are actually a tough, solid stone that does not get affected by fire or water. 
-These can be custom made to fit in various styles such as Classical, traditional or contemporary style.

 In addition, the brick fireplace surrounds must be upgraded to the marble fireplace surrounds in order to get a sleek, glossy finish which makes it easy to wipe and clean unlike the rough textured brick fireplace.
Why to choose the marble fireplace surrounds?


The lovely and the attractive look of marble can increase the value and appeal of the home. Not only does it make the home appear cleaner and more attractive, but marble also makes your home look more expensive and modern because of its glossy and shiny surface.

-Not just for the makeover, but it is also a fact that marble does no get stained or tainted easily, so these fireplaces give you an extended resale value for your property. 
-Additionally, marble is quite reasonable and is a strong and a durable material that can increase the value of the home. So, if you are looking for the best fireplace surrounds, marble should be given the topmost priority compared to the other materials.

How to identify that the fireplace surrounds are made from the actual marble?

-Check if the marble has natural dents. 
-Check if the marble can be scratched easily by the nails. 
-Check for the presence of veins and swirls along with the mineral impurities. 
-Check for the glossiness of the marble. 
-Check if the marble comes in delicate shades of coloring rather than in glaring colors 
-Check if the weight of the marble is too heavy.

Another interesting thing that can help to find out if the marble is a real one is to scratch the marble and save the white powder, add few drops of vinegar in it and check if it bubbles. In case it is a real marble, it will bubble.


Therefore, upgrade the fireplace with the marble fireplace surrounds to give the home an elegant and a classy look.