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Most homeowners are interested in increasing the value and comfort of their home for a habitable place to live. Owning a house requires plenty of time and energy to be put into the property to maintain its condition and create a place that feels like home. To ensure that your space can be enjoyed long-term, there are a number of tips to follow with the home decor and maintenance of your property.

Add an Accent Wall
Enhance the style of different rooms in the home by creating an accent wall, which will work as one of the main focal points. Consider applying wallpaper to one of the walls with a floral or chevron print for a bold statement look that sets the tone for the interior of the home. You can also paint the wall a bold color that complements the surrounding colors of the furniture and decor.
Schedule an Annual Inspection

You can protect your home from severe damage and perform routine maintenance by scheduling annual inspections. From the roof to the foundation of the home, there are many aspects of the property that should be examined after certain seasons to determine if repairs are needed due to deterioration or environmental elements. This includes having your HVAC system inspected and repaired, which you can perform yourself if you enroll in school and become a technician. Some schools, like, HVAC Technical Institute, allow you to put your skills to work and build a career. Learning how to reduce the cost of hiring a professional can allow you to save money on future HVAC repairs.

Replace Smoke Detector Batteries
Mark a reminder on your calendar to replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors each year. The batteries often die without the homeowner realizing it, which can limit the use of the device in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak.

Use Neutral Window Treatments
Neutral window treatments will not only offer privacy in your home, but will also contribute to the decor of the interior setting. Neutral blinds or curtains will complement various types of decor that you use in the home and can allow you to change the style of the space with ease throughout the years.

To increase the comfort and functionality of your home, it’s important to take the time to care for your property and maintain it in each season. It will not only help to increase the home’s property value but can allow you to enjoy a comfortable space that has a high level of appeal.