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If you’re starting with your home décor project and you have no idea where to begin from, then congratulations, you have stumbled upon the right page.

Home Décor is not as elaborate, time consuming or even expensive as your pinterest page makes it look like. One can easily transform the look of a space with a simple addition of basic elements like cushions and throws.

Cushions have always been an integral part of décor schemes. With changing times, cushions have elevated from being just a headrest to an elegant décor item.

As a beginner in home décor, you can always rely on these colorful and easily available artefacts to instantly upgrade your décor game.  Let us give you few tips to start your home décor mission with the help of cushions-

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  • Add color to a Basic Sofa: Thinking of buying a new couch for your living room? We urge you to rethink your decision and get a set of colorful cushions instead. Bright Cushions can easily revamp your old couch at almost negligible cost.
  • Set up a Relaxed Seating Lounge: It is all about comfortable lounging when you’re chilling with your friends and family. Convert your formal living area into a fun lounge by throwing in a mattress and a stack of funky cushions.
  • Give Your Balcony a Makeover: If it is the outdoors that fascinate you, we would recommend rearranging your balcony with few throw cushions. Your balcony is now perfect for a cup of warm tea and an engaging book.

Shop Link – Home Delicate

Cushion covers are available in various patterns and colors. You can pick your favorite cushions through Home Delicate which offers a wide range of selection.

Home Décor is a step-by-step process of emphasizing your personality through your home. Let cushions be your stepping stone towards creating a beautiful and personalized space for you and your family.