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If there is one persisting problem that comes with living in a house for rent, it would most certainly be the limited
space. When you live in a house with limited space, decorating it would become
really challenging. 
It is true that not all of us are blessed with a big and plush
home. Not all of us have the house where we can fit each and every home
decoration ideas that they have in mind. However, all of us are given the
chance to turn things around. The way you decorate your home and the things
that you will put in it will create a big difference on how large your home
will seem. Here are some of the home decorations you should use in order to createthe illusion of a bigger home.
Statement Piece
Most people would tend to fill their home with lots of smaller
pieces of furniture. For your information, this will create the opposite
effect– it will make your room look cramped and smaller. The secret to
creating a larger and airier living space is by placing a one prominent item in
your area. You can buy one statement piece for your room. It can be anything
from an interesting arm chair to an amazing center table.
Raised on
Legs Furniture Pieces
Almost everyone would talk about colors and lightings but a lot of
people tend to leave out the biggest part of home decoration– furniture. One
great tip that many professional interior designers apply is that they make use
of furniture pieces that are raised on legs. Furnishings and furniture that
come with this look include sofas, centre tables, side tables and arm chairs.
Do not limit yourself to buying just one item with this feature. All your
pieces can have raised legs. When you equip your small space with these pieces,
you can get to create the look of extra space as well as lighting in the room.
This is one trick that you can easily apply to any room of your
rented home. Mirror is a common household decoration piece but many people
should understand the fact that this can become a great tool for you to make
your rented home look a lot bigger. In order to make the most out of this
piece, it is recommended that you install wall-to-wall mirrors. This will help
in reflecting light in the most strategic way possible, paving the way for a
bigger space. As a result, it will not only create the illusion of a bigger
home, it will also create an amazing vintage effect in your home. If you are
not able to install wall-to-wall mirrors, the next best step to take is to make
use of huge mirrors for your rooms.
Aside from using the right paint color and the proper lighting,
you can also play with different furniture pieces to make your home look a lot
bigger. There is no end as to what you can do so take advantage of all these
amazing pieces and enjoy your now bigger and airier living space!
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