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Since the number of burglaries and home invasions has been multiplying day by day all over the world, you have by now already questioned yourself “How to keep my family safe”. Well, obviously, you need to protect your house first in order to protect your family. Although there’s nothing that can completely stop an experienced and determined criminal to try to fulfill their intentions, there’s lucky a number of home defense tactics that can help you fortify your home and keep your family safe.

Consider getting a dog

Apart from being your best friend, the dog can be excellent at home defense. Dogs are very protective animals with good senses of hearing and smell. With proper training, your best friend will never let anyone or anything past through your property unnoticed. Whether your dog is big or small, it’s barking will be the first thing to inform you about potential dangers. Plus, the kids will love it!

Invest in security fencing system

As fence represents the first obstacle intruders come across, it would be a smart investment to install some kind of security fencing system. Security fencing in Sydney, for example, is becoming more and more popular not only all across the city but even entire Australia. Another thing that can help you to prevent criminals from bypassing your first defense line is a padlock. Use it to lock your gate and make burglars’ ‘job’ more difficult.

Keep an eye on your backyard

Speaking of making burglars’ ‘job’ more difficult, providing them with potential hiding places in your backyard will do right the opposite.

Bearing this in mind, make sure you trim the bushes and don’t let criminals conceal so easily. In case you have trees close to your house, it’s highly recommended to trim tree branches in order to prevent intruders from accessing second floor or even roof in that way.

Install motion sensor light

Keeping your outdoor lights on during the night is a good old home defense technique which can still prevent strangers from intruding your house. However, this idea has eventually evolved into something even better – motion sensor light. Not only will this outdoor lighting recognize any movement around your house and inform you about the presence of unwelcome guests, but it might also confuse and eventually scare them away. Therefore, you should install motion sensor light close to every house entrance including front door, back door, garage door and basement door.

Secure the doors and windows

The easiest way to let someone break into your house is to opt for glass entrance door. Instead, you should purchase qualitative entrance door with a solid core and supplement it with larger screws, deadbolt or high-security locks. Don’t neglect garage door, sliding patio door or even dog door. When it comes to windows, even those at higher floors, you should keep them locked and protected from home invaders with secondary locking devices, which allow windows to be opened only to a certain degree. They should also be secured with glass break sensors or anti-break window film. Again, don’t neglect basement windows and make sure you secure the places where window air conditioners were installed.

Install a home alarm system

Another way to keep your home secured and family safe are to install a home alarm system. However, there are a couple of things to consider when it comes to this home defense tactic – interior motion detectors, cellular monitoring, glass break alarm, secondary keypad, etc. Moreover, many people make a huge mistake by displaying the alarm system sticker with information on home security company. Since it can only help burglars to disable the home alarm, you should stick to generic stickers instead. Whether you have the home alarm or not, it might make criminals think twice about breaking into your home.

Set up security cameras

It’s a common knowledge that security cameras have helped the countless cases to be solved. So, setting up security cameras wouldn’t be only a security precaution, but a way to catch the potential thief as well. Also, internet cameras can come in hand in case you want to monitor your home when being on a family vacation. In order to prevent burglars from destroying the tape of their crime, you should keep your camera recording system under lock.

As mentioned at the very beginning, sometimes there’s nothing that can guarantee you complete safety. But, even in such cases, these home defense ideas can buy you some time to react and call the police.