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Transforming your house into an environmentally-friendly home can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Chances are you’ve noticed the big trends in going green and homes becoming eco-friendly.
Did you know that there is so much in our homes that are harmful to our health? From toxic paints to formaldehyde to molds growing inside the walls – these harmful toxins are known to cause various health issues including respiratory irritant, constant migraines, and even cancer. The great news is that more of us are becoming aware of these hazards and are taking a stand by making the right choices. Choosing to give your home a detox will help you choose décor with sustainability in mind. Not only will this cause less energy use, but will also reduce water use and gain reusable resources.

Use Eco-Friendly Décor without Changing Your Style

No matter what your interior style is, there are plenty of ways to go green without turning your home into a forest. If you’re into shabby chic styles, you don’t have to spend a fortune for a brand new, custom made wooden table. Visit a local wood salvage yard and scout for a table base with reclaimed lumber. Recycled wood is a green and cost-effective way to upgrade your style.
Tree trumps make great side tables. Substitute plastic shelves with DIY tree shelves for a creative twist in décor. A sturdy tree branch cost little to notice and will create an environmental aura to the room. Invest in self-powered lamps that grow herbs to generate its own power. Not only will you have self-sustaining light, but a small upside down herb garden for your meals.
Transform old wine bottles into tables, planters and even lamps. Many green businesses offer interior design at low-eco impact. Bring the outdoors inside with planter partitions. This eco décor provides fresh air and privacy when needed.

Start by Clearing Your Home of Chemicals

While short-term contact with toxins in small amount won’t necessarily kill you chemicals that are exposed to us daily will pay a toll on our health. By reducing your daily contact with chemicals, you may experience fewer symptoms to asthma and allergies as well as skin irritations and headaches. This may also lower the risk of cancer and infertility in the long run.
Before you begin to get rid of toxic carpets and furniture, experts recommend that you find low-effort, high-impact ways to reduce toxicity in your home and list them down. Leaving your shoes outside will reduce 80% of dirt and bacteria from traveling outside. Save money on ventilation and crack the windows. Indoor air is said to be at least 5 times more polluted as outdoor air.
Trade in your vinyl shower curtain for nylon, cotton, polyester or PEVA and EVA plastic. A study in 2008 revealed that vinyl curtains release over 108 volatile organic compounds that become gaseous at room temperature. This may potentially trigger nausea, headaches, dizziness, and eyes and throat irritation. Be sure to read the labels on paint and look for cans with zero-to low VoC.
Substitute chemical-loaded spray s with unscented microfiber clothes to dust. The material will attract dirt particles rather than scatter them.

Going green will know what your home is made of

As many of us check the nutrition labels to know exactly what’s in our food, shouldn’t we also check the materials we use in our homes? Carpets often contain off-gassing materials like formaldehyde with impacts our breathing. While it is best to use modular carpet tiles, there are numerous eco-friendly companies that offer stylish carpets with non-toxic dyes and recycled materials. A plus side to carpet squares is that you can send it back to the manufacturer to recycle and require little labor.
Here are more eco-friendly home décor ideas:

Keep the Trees

Reduce costs on your energy bill and save trees by placing a few nearby. Trees will provide shade, fresh air, and keep the house cool.

Consider Angled Windows

Maximize your windows to its full potential by allowing light to filter in during the day. Glass panels will open like trapdoors and allow fresh, cool air instead of using an air-conditioner. Windows will allow a cool breeze, even during the hottest days.

Move Bedrooms to the Lower Level

Sleeping areas that are placed at lower levels are shaded by trees and increase the feelings of privacy,
addition with some living rooms decor essentials.

Use What You Already Have

When it comes to decorating your home, embrace the green décor by repurposing items that you already have. Reusing items will save from the landfills and save you money from purchasing new items.

Be smart about Home Improvements

Large purchases such as window treatments, new floors and furniture often requires a huge investment. Carpets not only need to be replaced every 7-8 years, but also produces harmful formaldehyde gases. While a hard wood floor such as cork or bamboo may seem costly, this will save you on costs in the long run as wooden floors only require a simple refinish rather than a replacement every year years.
From up-cycled tree trunks indoor plants these eco-friendly home decor ideas will provide both environmentally friendly and creative touches to personalize your home. These eco-friendly ideas are a great way to infuse recyclable and reusable methods into your home décor and bring a greener touch to any home interior.

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