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Your house is your shelter, it’s where you and your family
spend most times and where you take a good night sleep, so one small damage
left unfixed can cause distress and uneasiness to your family. And if you fail
to take good care of your home, you might just face more than a small fixes and
Sometimes, we just don’t have the time and hardly have enough
money to call a handyman or service that can have your house issues repaired.
And often times, common knowledge and tricks are your secret weapons to solving
your miseries. So it’s really handy to know a few tricks to have a home that is
safe and sound.
If ever a handyman come knocking at your door ready to secure
whatever it is or are you need quick fixes, completely free of charge, what are
the issues you would have him solve immediately? Take notes for here are a few
no sweat solutions to your household dilemmas.

Fingerprints on
stainless steel appliances.

Stainless steels has its own upsides however, it also has
certain drawbacks. Don’t blame your obsessive compulsive self for getting
annoyed with the fingerprints all over your stainless steel microwave, it’s
just truly irritating to see. A quick preventive measure for that would be
applying a thin layer of olive oil exterior of course, by using a soft cloth.

Photo source: Real Simple

 Stuck sliding windows. 

No, don’t force your sliding window
to slide if it’s obviously stuck and you can hardly move it at all. Instead,
leave it, go straight to the hardware store and go ask for a silicone spray
lubricant. It will essentially grease the skids. Regardless if your window is
wood, plastic or metal, this spray will effectively fix your sliding window
issue. Just spray a generous amount onto a rag or piece of cloth then wipe it
from one end of the track to the other.

Rust stains in bathtubs
and sinks.

difficult to look at your faucet, sink or bathtub and get a sight of that
orange-red stain, isn’t it? And no, using a cleanser which has bleach in the
content would not help you reduce the stain but only worsen it instead. Get rid
of this rust stain caused by dissolved iron iron by using an unconventional solution
— toothpaste. Cover it with toothpaste and leave it there for 10-15 minutes.
Splash baking soda and clean the surface using a piece of cloth. You could also
try spraying a mixture of lemon juice or white vinegar and water in equal parts
and rub the stain using a hard bristled brush.

Photo source: StumbleUpon by Rosina Ayling

Scratched wooden table.

We all have that
wooden furniture that has scratches all over weather it be caused by accidental
slips of sharp items or scratches from your pets, it just can never be unseen.
If you think it’s a sign to buy a new coffee table or stool, don’t spend money
to replace it just yet for there’s a wise solution for that. Mix a one part
vinegar and one part olive oil and use a cloth to rub it onto the wood.

Clean streaks in your

frustrating to see your window still look old and unclean even if you have
tried getting off the streaks and no improvement happens. The solution? Instead
of regular cleaning products, mix a portion of vinegar with your dish soap and
add water. Sprinkle the window with the mixture, clean and rub it using a clean
cloth and don’t forget to dab newspaper to the window to dry it clean.

Clogged drain. 

There’s no denying that this is a
common and constant problem for homeowners. No matter what you try and how
often you have it fixed, without proper cleaning method, the problem will
resurface again and again and again. There are numerous solutions for this
problem. An article from Better Home Gardens suggests a few you can do:
a.     Pour 1/2 part or baking soda down the
drain then followed by 1/2 part of white vinegar. Let it settle for 30 minutes
up to an hour. If you think it needs more, repeat the process.
b.    To get rid of the source that blocks
the drain, grab a wire coat, unbend it and form a hook at the end.  Push it down the drain to push or break
through the clog.
c.     However, if you think grease is
responsible for the mess, use ½ cup of salt and 1 cup baking soda and pour it
down the drain followed by 2 cups of boiling water.
Were you
able to take down notes? Bookmark the article if you want for future
references. Don’t let these small problems give you headaches and avoid paying
a handyman to fix them if you can do it yourself. Skip the costly repairs or
services and run to the nearest hardware or just right in your kitchen to find
solutions for these small dilemmas. Have you got any more tricks and tips to
solve these kinds of home dilemmas? Share us your home improvement hacks,
comment below!
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