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If you’re planning to give your old home some new life, you might as well pay some attention to energy efficiency. With only a few energy-saving remodeling ideas you can make your home much more eco-friendly and cost-effective. Here are our top home remodeling ideas that will green up your home and lower your utility bills.

Improve insulation

Insulation is one of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient. Adding some extra insulation to your walls and roof will bring energy loss to a minimum. Even though it’s not an easy process you can DIY and it can cost some pretty money, it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Prevent air leaks

Aside from insufficient insulation, another way you can be wasting a lot of energy is through air leaks. They let hot air out in the winter and warm air inside in the summer, causing your cooling and heating systems to work overtime in order to maintain the optimal indoor temperature. So, make sure to check for air leaks, especially around windows, doors, recessed lighting fixtures and outlets.

Energy-efficient windows and doors

Investing in new windows and exterior doors is a great way to update your home and make it more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Most of the new window models consist of two glass panes (aka insulated glass). Some models even have special insulating gases injected between two panes that boost their energy-saving properties. However, your first choice should be windows with Low-E coating. This means the glass is covered with an invisible layer of metallic oxides that prevents UV rays from passing through the window. This will keep hot rays outside in the summer, prevent hot air from escaping in the winter and reduce fading of your furniture and art due to UV radiation.

Attic insulation

If you want your home to be more energy-efficient, you might want to invest in attic insulation. This part of the home is usually neglected and it can cost you a lot of wasted energy. However, if you put down some floor insulation and appropriate floor covering and boost your roof insulation, you’ll manage to save up a lot of energy. Additionally, this will allow you to turn the space into a practical attic storage that can take a lot of weight and keep your belongings safe. Later, if you want to turn the storage space into a living space, you’ll be able to do it without a fuss.

Invest in a new HVAC system

If you have an old heater and air conditioner, the chances are that you’re using a lot more electricity to power them than you have to. New models that carry an Energy Star label need a lot less energy to cool or heat your home and are even more efficient in their tasks. Additionally, make sure your air conditioner and furnace are well insulated and properly sealed.

Pay attention to your appliances and lighting

Another way you can improve the efficiency of your home during your remodel (and even boost its aesthetics) is to invest in modern appliances and better lighting. By choosing Energy Star appliances (fridges, dishwashers and washing machines) you can lower your utility bill by almost 40% and save a lot of money. You can have extra cost-saving by replacing your old bulbs with LEDs or CFLs and boosting your natural light. For instance, CFLs use only 25% of the electricity of your normal bulb while lasting up to 10 times longer! This means that if you replace only four bulbs with CFLs, you can save over $120 over the life of the bulbs! Additionally, since sunlight is free and super healthy, make sure to get airy curtains, open your blinds and make some furniture arrangement changes during your remodel to let as much natural light as you can into your home.

These remodeling ideas will not only make your home much more energy-efficient and green, but also make living in your house a much more pleasurable experience. It’s a triple-win situation!