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A dream house takes time to build and decorate. You need to invest a lot of money, time and energy into creating the space that you always desired, but it is worth it. Set your goal, set the budget and remodel your house and achieve ultimate comfort and family atmosphere for your loved ones.
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Make Room in the Kitchen 

If you dream of having a big spacious kitchen, try to remodel it in such a way that it appears bigger and more comfortable. Avoid expanding it by building another room, because that would be costly and complicated. Instead, work with what you have. If you have spare room in some closets, hallways and basement, try moving stuff from the kitchen you do not use that often there. Also, you should utilize the vertical storage, and invest in quality cabinets and shelving installations like ones from Brisbane Shelving for your dishes, glasses, bowls as well as quality ventilation. Since kitchen is the place where food is fried and cooked, it should have appropriate air flow. Another option is knocking down the wall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house. This open concept will make your kitchen look more spacious and it will unite it with a dining room. But the most important thing is to get rid of any things you do not need there, and let your kitchen be used only for preparing delicious family meals.

Let there be Light

Consider several types of different lighting fixtures in each room, and light up the mood in your house. Firstly, make sure that you are providing enough daylight in your house, which can bring warmth and good mood in your home, and positively affect everyone’s health. So if you do not have big windows, you should consider building ones. Besides daylight it is convenient to have other sources of light which can set up different mood and have different purposes. Hang a luxury chandelier in your living room, and bring some glamour and drama into the house. Have several lamps that will help you focus light only in some parts of the house, such as at the desk, besides a sofa or an armchair for a good read, besides your bed etc. Also, you can introduce a more artistic look by installing a few lights in different colors, or installing fixtures under or above the closets. Additionally, enlighten dark corners of your house and bring creativity and art through shadows and silhouettes.

Get rid of Mold

While renovating, instead of only focusing on the look and style, you should consider the overall health of your family and the house. Mold can be your worst enemy, since it can cause allergies and other health problems, and it does not look good at all. However, removing the mold can be a dangerous job since disturbance of mold releases substances into the air which can encourage allergies, and can make everybody ill if toxic. So, to effectively and safely resolve this problem you can either learn about the mold you have in your home, or call a professional and help you safely get rid of that pest.
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Floor Finishes 

According to the foot traffic that will be going on in each room, you need to choose the adequate flooring.
Certainly, you should opt for durable and resistant floors, but not each room should have the same one. Also, take into consideration the overall look and style of your home and a specific room.
Hardwood and bamboo are the most sustainable and durable floors you can easily install into all the busy rooms. For kitchen and bathroom it is the best to go with quality tiles or commercial grade vinyl plank flooring and are water and grease resistant. For the bedroom and kids’ room you can go with some materials that are more inviting, such as laminate flooring, and cover it up with soft carpet pieces. It is the best to install flooring according to your needs and preferences. If you have allergies or are afraid of stains, it is the best to avoid carpets in the kitchen, dining room and your bedroom.

Fix up the Bathroom

The best you can do for your dream bathroom is to make it simple and fully functional. Before making any big changes around the bathroom, you should do a thorough check up of the pipes, hot water systems and electrical work. If there are even minor flaws in some of these systems, your bathroom could make you lots of troubles in the future. After the checkups and repairs you can start renovating and changing the look. Choose elegant fixtures with smooth lines for the best look of your bathroom. Make sure to “try out” the bathtub before buying it, and always take good measures of the space you have. Also, you will need durable flooring and wall covers, so make sure to pick ceramic, marble or stone tiles which have the best water resistance and will last for a lifetime.
Building a dream home can be a tough challenge. But if you plan and organize wisely, nothing will stop you from having a nice, cozy and healthy home that you desired your whole life.