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The phrase ‘home security’ often relates to purchasing residential security. A residential security system is useless if we overlook everyday maintenance. Likewise, a residential security system can’t protect the house without activation. Before contemplating home security, maintain vulnerable areas.

Secure the Window

A tempting entry point for burglars, securing the window keeps temptation at bay. Common sense tells us to open the window when you’re home and close it when you leave. Rely on window locks to fasten the window. Add security layers to the window by installing shatterproof window glass and window bars to every window in the house.

Beef up Doors

Besides closing and locking the door, the entrance door, side door, patio door, back door, and garage-to-house door require a thorough inspection. Sheltered doors contain a crystal-clear peephole, a deadbolt, a keyed entry doorknob, a door chain lock, a screen door, and a door security bar.If the door itself dents easily after a few kicks, a promising solution is to purchase a sturdy wooden or metal door as a replacement. Meanwhile, the security touchups on patio doors are different. Most patio doors slide open, so install a metal safety bar near the bottom track horizontally so the door doesn’t slide. Install shatterproof glass on sliding doors so burglars won’t use the window as an entryway.

Strengthen the Garage Door

Beside the garage-to-house entrance door, the garage door for vehicles needs separate security measures. The problem iswhen the garage door remains open after leaving the house. Electric or automatic doors may malfunction, and manual garage doors are frustrating during hectic moments.It’s imperative to wait until automatic/electric garage door closes before leaving. Likewise, leave earlier to allow time to manually close and open the garage. Replace batteries and repair or replace chain belts, tracks, and door hinges when it’s uneven or stuck. Cap it off by purchasing a new garage door.

Erase Hiding Spots

Outdoor landscaping can remove a criminal’s hiding spot. Trees, shrubs, and hedges provide a hiding spot for criminal observation. While the best answer is to cut down trees, shrubs, and hedges, it’s not always possible for reasons such as finances and rental leases. Therefore, trim hedges and shrubs very low. Cut limbs and branches from trees. Lastly, mow the lawn to inform criminals someone’s occupying the house.

Inspecting vulnerable places in the home and adding security is a start toward a safe environment. Simple tips such as maintaining the lawn, closing the door and windows, and reinforcing garage doors create a barrier between the home and the criminal, and that’s a good thing.