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We use several rocks and minerals in our homes, from
jewellery to flooring, and everything inbetween. They are hard wearing,
diverse, multi-functional, and beautiful. No wonder they found their way into
the earliest homes of civilisation!



Nowadays, there isn’t a room in the house that is without a
mineral based item. Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the most popular
This metamorphic rock has long been a feature in luxury interior items, usually
fetching a high price to match its high quality. Several famous worldwide
landmarks, including the Taj Mahal and the Washington
are comprised of the material.
In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways you
can bring this wonderful rock into your home. We’ll be looking at marble items
on both sides of the price scale, so hopefully you’ll find something to suit
your budget.


The most common use of marble in homes, marble countertops
come with a wealth of benefits. For starters, they are incredibly strong.
Marbles composition means it is never durable, so you won’t have to worry about
what you place on top of it (that goes for heavy things as well as hot things).
Secondly, marble worktops are style chameleons. They feature prominently in style guides for both modern and traditional kitchens and bathrooms.


Marble has long found itself being used in various ornaments
both big and small. Though not the easiest material to style, marble creations
tend to be amongst the most beautiful items you can buy and display. It
features in pots & vases, and most prominently in sculptures. A lot of
famous statues, including Michelangelo’s David, are made out of marble. You’re
unlikely to ever buy that statue, but
a mini replica can look just as good!


 One of the most lavish home improvements imaginable, marble
staircases are not cheap, but there are few things in interior decoration that
match their beauty and grandeur. Hollywood knows the value of marble
staircases, as they crop up quite frequently when the movie has to appear epic
or romantic. From Cinderella’s Castle to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, when they
need a location to seem luxurious, there is only one thing to turn to!


Dialling things back down to a more realistic level, marble
tiling is a great option for bathrooms. As one of the busiest rooms in the
house, bathrooms need to have a floor that won’t begin to show wear and tear
under the heavy strain. As we’ve stated before, marble is strong enough to take
on whatever is thrown at it. Plus, if you tile the whole bathroom, the effect
is quite amazing. You’ll feel like you’re in a Roman spa!


Finally, we’ll close out with a marble item you may have
come across before. Similar to marble staircases, marble fireplaces have long
been linked with grandeur, usually showing up in only the most expensive homes.
The good news is that, with better marble sculpting technology, marble
fireplaces have actually become more affordable. This means they are no long an
item of fantasy – you could have one installed in your living room for less
than what you might expect.