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Every homeowner wishes to design and decorate their house in the best possible way to cherish the beauty and warmth. Undoubtedly, the markets are well-packed with an infinite number of accessories, paints, and stuff which introduces texture and color to enhance the overall beauty. Amidst the number of options, nothing can compete with look and fill of indoor plants, as they have the tendency to soften transition between spaces and also serve as the focal point of a room or space it has been kept over.

Indoor plants not only serve as a lucrative component for home decoration but also induce healthy lifestyle. They offer a fresh lively touch of nature while improving the quality of indoor air. Today with limited space, it often gets difficult for people to maintain an outdoor garden. Hence, indoor plants allow a serious gardener to maintain their hobby of taking care of plants. With the increased inclination of homeowners and interior designers towards decorating with indoor plants, one can easily choose from wide array of option available.

Some people prefer to use artificial or plastic plants for decoration but they definitely cannot be compared with the real thing. The real plants do enhance the beauty in best way while smelling the way it should. Depending on the interior designing of house and the plant’s need for water and sunlight one can make the right purchase to design green corner in their house. Houseplants can be categorized as per their shape, size, color and major requirements. One can select the right plant for the right space if they thoroughly analyze about categories of plants available. Some of the popular and easy to maintain indoor plants are palm, Chinese evergreens, air plants, peace lilies, and succulents.

How to arrange the houseplants?

If you wish to install these beautifying accessories at home but are confused about arranging or placing them, you might take inspiration from websites, magazine photos or some interior designers. Usually, it is recommended to use variety of plants for decorating some particular area as they have better impact as compared to collection of similar plants. Look for the plants with different heights, size of their leaf and type of pots that will be best suited for them. According to experts, arranging plants in odd number works best and one might look for some well-designed stools which might work as plant holders.

These houseplants not only enhance the overall look of the house but have multiple health benefits. Some of which are

1. Offers peace, pleasure, and tranquility

According to some advanced research, it has been stated that use of houseplants truly optimize the brainpower, boost immunity level and also help improve the sleep quality and more. Decorating home with these beautiful indoor plants offers a lively touch of nature while bringing fresh youthful touch to your place.

2. Improves the quality of air

Plants are well known to remove toxins from the air. Modern climate control and airtight building often trap volatile organic compounds or VOCs which deteriorates the health condition of people. However, the plants can remove up to 87% of VOCs every 24 hours. Hence, improving the overall quality of air and contributing to a healthier lifestyle.