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Water leakage is one of the most persistent issues bothering the investors in real estate. Large parts of India being affected a sub-tropical wet climate, water seepage through walls and floors is quite common. If the water seepage issue is not kept under control, it takes turn into a major water leakage issue within a few years. This is the duty of the builders to give special attention to resolve the issue of water seepage as efficiently as possible. During the construction phase only, the growth of moss and lichens can be noticed. There are many builders who ignore such things considering this to be natural. What they fail to understand is that the growth of these organisms can weaken the wall structure and invite seepage of water particles to a greater degree. In the long run, water leakage problem would be so high scale that the residents would be subjected to the exposure of a damp and humid environment, which is considered to be healthy. The growth of moss on the walls may also harbour many harmful germs which might contaminate the house.

The good thing is that most builders are taking the issue of prevention of water leakage quite seriously. They are interested in investing in the waterproof solutions available in the market. Here are a few tips which can help in preventing water leakage.

1. Quality grout to fix tiles
When you fix tiles, you must ensure that there is no gap left between the tiles, not even an air pore. If there is any gap, within months, water will start seeping in, ruining the whole floor structure. However, you can effectively prevent this by using quality grout to fix the tiles. Needless to say, you must use water proof grouts and make sure that you bring in the highest quality available in the market.

2. Plastic paint

When you paint your structure, always go for plastic paint. A plastic paint coating would help you in thwarting the seepage of water as you repair the problem. Plastic paint also provides a better aesthetic look to your building. So, it is a profitable thing to do.

3. Robust pipeline and sewage system
Special attention should be put while laying the pipeline and sewage system. Many times, the joints of pipe are the places where seepage starts. You should keep a check on the condition of your piping system. Any complaint from the resident about altered flow of water should be taken seriously, with apprehension that there might be a leak.

4. Basement waterproofing
Another place which might be the source of water seepage is the basement. So, it is very important that you waterproof your basement, using every means possible.