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your trees trimmed up can impact more than you would expect. It is necessary
for safety purposes and for keeping your landscape design looking sharp and
clean. You’ll be surprised by how much trimming your trees and shrubs will have
an effect on your landscape design, your family’s safety, and your community’s
access to electricity.

For Your Landscape
and out-of-control trees and shrubs look out of place. They don’t seem like
they belong and they can throw off your entire landscape design. By keeping them
in control and maintaining the growth of your trees and shrubs, you will see
that you will have balanced landscaping and everything will work together much
better. Tree trimming and pruning is not only helpful to keep everything at the
proper size, but it also is a very healthy practice for you plants each year. Annual
care will help promote healthy growth and potentially keep plant diseases from
taking over your yard.
For Your Safety
“If you
have kids, you know that they are curious and love to climb and explore. It’s a
wonderful thing to allow kids to be kids and explore, but it’s important that
they have a safe environment to do just that,” said Dan Michura of Tree Squad,
a Minneapolis
tree service
. “By
analyzing your yards trees, take note of any weak or hazardous limbs that could
potentially be harmful to those spending time in your yard. You also will want
to take note of any branches or trees that could fall on your home in the case
of bad weather. Trimming up will help keep you, your home, and your family
For Your Community
it comes to helping your community in regards to trimming your trees, you may
be questioning what exactly this could mean. Well, if you have trees that are
near electrical wires, then you have trees that can potentially interfere with
your community’s access to utilize their electricity. By keeping branches and
limbs free from electric wires, you will be removing hazards that can cause power
outages in your community,” said Brooks Hitchcock, home improvement
professional and marketing spokesperson for 651

you have one or a dozen trees in your property, it is best to evaluate each
branch and remove potential hazards that can cause harm or power outages. It is
going to be up to you, the homeowner, to take charge to get these potential
safety hazards removed from your property. Trimming isn’t just a good idea for
trees, but also for bushes and shrubs. Keep them at an appropriate size in
order to work well with the rest of your landscape design. Overall, keeping
your yard trimmed benefits you, your family, and your community as a whole. That
is why it is so important to keep an eye on the growth of your trees, to make
sure that they are safe and prevent hazards.