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A condominium which is also known as the condo is a type of living space which is similar to an apartment but instead, it is independently sellable and therefore regarded as real estate. It is where the condominium building structure is divided into several units that are each separately owned, surrounded by common areas that have joint owners. Apartments are usually leased by their tenants, condominium units are owned outright.

The owners of the individual units also collectively own common areas of the property such as hallways, walkways, laundry rooms and so on. An individual can differentiate a condominium from an apartment just by looking at or visiting the building.  The thing that defines a condominium is the form of ownership. When dealing with a house you have unlimited space and options at your disposal. The same cannot be said for a condo when dealing with a condo you need to get creative working with what whatever space you have.

When it comes to condos, there is a lot you can do to make sure you maximize your space, the perfect interior decoration can a play a great role in helping you maximize your space. We are going to consider various ways we can maximize our space, they are as follows;

Shrink Your Dining Table

When considering breakfast, a small round table is not an option. Our giant dining tables tend to consume a lot of space do away with the giant tables and rather go for a dining table that is small and round in order to provide extra space for yourself.

Mount your television

The floor space that your TV and its stand will consume can be maximized, media console is known to waste space the most in a small living room. Mounting your TV on the wall can help you regain that necessary floor space.

Get A Wall desk

For those that will like to have a mini office but feel their condo doesn’t have enough space think again. A mounted wall desk tends to occupy a little amount of space and shelves can be mounted above it to provide extra storage space.

Ensure That Every Piece Counts

The furnishings to be selected should offer a high rate of functionality in small square footage. It is better to make use of two small round tables instead of one big table. They provide easier and faster movement.

Use Bigger Furniture

Like I said earlier interior decorations can go a long way in helping you maximize space but the ability to know the perfect decor for your space matters a lot. Replacing a small space with large-scale pieces rather than pint-sized furniture is capable of making the room feel better and at times it could make the whole difference.

Trick Your Eye

One of the oldest design tricks in the book is the use of Mirrors. Mirrors have a way of making your space look bigger, lighter and properly ventilated.

Multiple purposes

When choosing materials for your interior designs, go for the ones that can serve different purposes at a time. Double-purpose furniture, such as sofa beds, allows you to accommodate guests for daytime chit-chat and night-time sleepover, without wasting space on added furniture. Coffee or center tables that can be used as chairs also provide you with much-needed space.

Keep them tidy

Small things when gathered together, can be potentially big. We are referring to our usual clutters like our personal belongings as well as our cleaning items, tiny figurines, and decors that help eat up our tabletop and floor space. Looking around for potential storage spaces, such as a bed, couch, coffee table or stool can easily be custom-made to have hidden drawers or compartments. The space under the stairs too can also be used as shelves and cabinets to hide bigger items such vacuum cleaner and baby stroller.

Keep them on the side

Sometimes we tend to require more space than the usual space required which we use for exercise, social gatherings, and other activities. So before purchasing or while purchasing any furniture go for furniture that can be folded up and stacked or furniture that is on wheels that can be pushed to the side to provide for the needed space.

Strive for Harmony

Incorporation of Matching photos or decor into each room of a condo helps create a sense of order and calm. “Colour is one of the easiest ways to bring rooms together,” “Don’t take things too literally instead pick palettes like blues, greens or greys and play with different shades to create harmony. Repeating metals in hardware and furnishings is another great way to tie spaces together.”

Maximize Light

Natural light can be a miracle-worker for any condo space. A touch of it into your home can help fight against space-reducing shadows by changing the location of large items and placing them far away from windows. Light flowing decors can be kept with the use of wall mirrors which is one of the design elements.

Use Neutral Colours

Neutral colours tend to have impact small spaces; neutral tones form the base palette for many condos, and with good reason. White, taupe and grey walls allow for a bright, modern statement. Open-plan spaces are unified by consistent tones and materials. And, if required, bright statement walls add even more impact and personality when found in a muted space.

When next you are thinking of maximizing space in your condo check Craftwerkz Interior and don’t think too far as proper application of these steps can help you achieve that and give you the condo of your dreams. They will provide you with unique arrangement and setting, the type you never even imagined in the first place.