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If your children are like mine (and they probably are), then
they love helping out with anything (and everything!) they can. Whether it’s
making dinner, digging out in the garden, or even trying their hands at dressing
mum, they simply always want to be involved. Some activities are fun and easy
to have the kids along, and allow them to learn and grow while spending quality
time with family. It’s the best of all worlds, and whenever possible, I include
them in just about everything I do.
There are certain larger projects though, that are
impractical for little ones; tasks such as home renovation and improvement can
even be dangerous for adults, and when kids get involved they risk harming the
progress – not to mention themselves! But there are a few things you can still
have them do to keep them involved, and allow them to lend a hand without
hurting one, too.

Paint and Tile

[Image Source: PaintTile]

 One of the biggest features you can change about a room is
its wall colour; whether it’s with an accent wall or a complete overhaul,
giving a space in your home a new hue can potentially change its entire look
and feel. Painting a room makes for an easy, single day project, but adding
tile to a space changes the texture too, and allows you to alter the total
atmosphere of the wall you place it on.

You can bring your children to the hardware store and have
them help pick out a colour or tile – especially if it’s for their room – but
if you don’t have anything specific in mind, they’ll likely be excited to help
design yours, too! If you already have a picture of what you’re looking for,
then you can have them help with the actual process – just make sure you have
proper protection for your little ones and home. Painting is easier, but tiling
can be simple for them too once they learn the technique.   


Curtains are a great way to accent a room if you aren’t
wanting to change its colour or drastically alter the overall construction and
layout. Whether it’s with a bold fabric that makes a statement, or a subtle
pattern or hue that acts as an accent, the curtains in a room are a detail that
guests will likely notice. Your kids can help you pick from a nearly endless
number of premade styles online or at the store, or if you are wanting a
completely customized look you can teach them how to sew while you make the
curtains together at home.
Buying them will be faster and easier, so if you’re in a
rush to finish up it might be the better bet; but sewing your own allows you to
make the design entirely yours – and gives you a chance to teach your children
a useful skill that they’ll remember forever!


For houses like mine with primarily wooden floors, rugs are
an absolute necessity. Not only do they break up the monotony of solid brown
and add a bit of style to my rooms, they help to insulate the areas and keep
feet protected from the cold hard surface underneath. A large area rug is
something that might be challenging to make on your own, but there are stores
that let you select colour and style combinations that are a bit more custom
than what’s available premade. Have your kids along with you to give their
opinions on textures, patterns, and even sizing to help them feel involved in
the project.

Accessories and Décor

[Image Source: PillowsLamp Shade]

Accessories are always fun, and though it may not seem like
it, they make a huge difference on the overall design of a room. Typically they
are used to accent the colours you have in major features like paint or tile,
and can be applied in both complementary and contrasting ways depending on what
you want to highlight. You can decorate with pillows, lighting, pieces of art,
or pretty much anything you can think of – the possibilities are nearly endless
This is the perfect place to have your kids involved too,
since they can help you pick out décor at the store, or make them with you
during an at-home activity. Letting them pick out a fabric and then teaching
them sew a pillow for instance is an easy, inexpensive, and fun project that
gets them involved and learning.
Whether it’s with a larger task like painting and tiling, or
a smaller job like picking out décor, there’s no doubt that your children will
be excited to help. They can feel a part of home projects, and can develop
knowledge and skills that they’ll use again and again – especially if you let
them! I still remember helping my own mum with the design of her home; every
time I visit there’s a nice memory of the time we spent together doing it too,
which is something I can’t wait to give my kids.