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Window Treatments

It is always a great feeling to come home to a place where you can relax after a day’s work. However, after several years of living in the same house, some parts of the home that look lovely in the past may have been ignored.

You can make your house look like a thousand bucks by simply knowing which spot needs a little fixing. Changing the wall color, redesigning the windows, installing a custom door, raising the ceiling, getting rid of old mouldings, or taking down an entire wall can absolutely add value to any home.

You may just be thinking of changing the decorations in your home, but have you tried considering to change your windows? Installing bespoke windows may be a very good option to vamp up the style of your house.

Here are some reasons why new windows can bring a better appeal to your home:

1. Instant attention grabber
Unless you cover them with thick curtains, windows can capture the eyes of your visitors immediately, especially when it’s daytime. You don’t want people to direct their attention towards your windows only to find that they’re old and dilapidated, right?

2. Increased curb appeal
Depending on the kind and style, windows can actually increase the value of your home in terms of making it more attractive to prospective buyers. All it takes is a good window treatment and probably a few accessories here and there.

3. Better energy efficiency
Windows have a unique ability of bringing natural light in without letting the outside ambient environment affect the inside of your home too much. Some well-fitted windows are even designed to prevent temperature and humidity changes to maintain the environment inside. In other words, this creates an opportunity for the homeowner to save on power costs.

More tips on home design improvement
Aside from using new windows, here are some more tips that can add curb appeal to your home:

You may opt to buy a new door, preferably a customized one.

Some homeowners may wish to use a doorknocker. A brass doorknocker over a black door can give elegance to your home.

Adding porch lights can make that nice appeal to your home especially at night. Choose the right design that is appropriate for the space.

Change in fixtures is another great way of making your house look new.

A power wash may just be what you need to make your old ceramic floors look bright and new. You may also use this technique on concrete, windows and grills.

Break down a wall to make one room bigger. For instance, if there is a wall dividing the dining room from the kitchen, tearing down that wall gives an open space for more access to both rooms and creates a bright area that is more relaxing.

Add more value to your home by making a garden filled with flowering plants.Make sure to take out the weeds every now and then.

There are so many things that you can do to make your old house look new. Once you’ve replaced the old with the new, you may put up a garage sale to sell your old possessions. That way, you can recoup part of your expenses in sprucing the appeal of your house.