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Portable wheelchair lifts can help in increasing
independence while also creating a safer environment for people with restricted
mobility. If you have mobility limitations due to any reason, these lifts can
help in increasing your movement, self-esteem and access within the building and
even in public environments. These lifts can provide all the help required for disabled
and elderly people who want to enjoy higher level of independence.

There are many ways portable wheelchair lifts can
help you in moving from one place to other.
-Bed to wheelchair – Portable wheelchair lifts allow safe transfer from bed to wheelchair.
-Moving between wheelchair and commode – Another advantage of these lifts is that they enable safer transfer between the wheelchair and commode chair. Thus, they also help the person in maintaining their dignity and privacy. Most people, whether they are disabled or old, prefer keeping their privacy as much as possible, and these lifts can help them maintain it.
-Transfer to bathtub – Another benefit of using these lifts is that they enable easier hygiene care. People who have lesser mobility need more cleaning and hygiene support. These lifts will also reduce the amount of strain on the people providing support. They will also minimize the chances of injury for both the disabled/old person and the person providing support. It is crucial for the caregiver to maintain high energy levels when providing care to others.

Modern portable lifts are more innovative than
ever. Some of the new designs fix directly under the wheelchair, allowing you
to navigate up/down shorter flights of stairs. Such versatility can help you explore
new engagement opportunities such as family events in homes, community
activities and entertainment opportunities. They help in minimizing the amount of
effort required in reaching different areas. Thus, such lifts can help in improving
the lifestyle of those who spend most of their time n wheelchairs.

Mobility Features
The latest portable wheelchair lift designs can
carry up to several hundred pounds of weight in a safe way. Modern designs provide
additional amount of convenience for everyone including the wheelchair bound person
and the caregiver and family. Some of the new lifts feature rubber tracks and battery
that make it easier to engage stairs. Some designs can manage up to dozens of flights
of stairs.
Ideal for
Extended Care Facilities
Portable wheelchair lifts are great not
only for homes; they are perfect additions to care facilities such as in assisted
living and nursing care centers. These wheelchair lifts will make life easier
for caregivers too.
The lifts can not only help the patient, elderly
person or disabled person access different types of transportation, they can
also work as an effective method  of
emergency evacuation if elevators are non-operational.
Thus, there are so many advantages of using portable
wheelchair lifts. They help in making transport easier and safer for everyone involved
– the person with restricted-mobility, their family members and the caregivers.
So consider all these points and check if portable
wheelchair lifts can help improve your life.

The author is an experienced elevator professional
who has serviced thousands of clients over the years in Edmonton. According to
him, portable wheelchair lifts are increasingly gaining popularity as more and
more people are become aware of these systems. He has several years of
experience in the industry, having worked on both commercial and residential
projects, including custom designs. He claims that these relatively new systems
help making the life easier for both the dependent person and the caregivers.