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Is the noise from your neighbors getting louder and louder?

Is it intolerable?

You shouldn’t suffer in silence, especially when you do not want to move for good enough reasons. However, you can do something about it now! And why shouldn’t you?

In reality, people define the word “noise” differently. What you may define as noise, which is very irritating, might be defined differently by someone else. This can be very bad for you. And sometimes, they are insensitive to the harm the “sound” does to you.

So, you don’t have to be the unfriendly neighbor that always tell everyone to keep quiet because you want the neighborhood to always be as quiet as the grave–which is impractical! However, inside your house can be as quiet as you want it to be. You are in charge here! This is what this article is written for. So, you are sure to get the answers you seek.

With that said, let’s delve into 5 effective ways on how you can soundproof your home:

Use Soundproof Curtains

Heard about soundproof curtains? This is easy enough, right? It is a very effective way to soundproofing your house. Remember, you can do it efficiently without working your butt off just to live in a conducive environment that is free of noise pollution. Noise pollution could affect your health adversely.

The important question now is: how do you use them to soundproof your house? Simple! Outside noise enters your home mainly through the windows. All that is required of you is to spread it over your windows properly. Since they are inexpensive and easy to hang up. It should be the first step you should take to soundproofing your house.

Once you have done it properly, you will notice that the decibel level in your house is reduced immensely, especially when the noise entering your house is not too loud. They deaden the noise much more quickly within the room, if they are hung over the windows as compared to when there are none on the room.

Use Soundproof Foams

The next on the list of things you should use are soundproof foams. You should know that if you live in a small confined space, like a room, for example, there could easily be a build-up of sound waves within that confined space–sound waves that are mostly coming from external sources. When this happens, certain frequencies will be amplified, potentially.

So, it is imperative that you have add adsorption, such as soundproof foams, to the inside of the said space to deaden those sound waves. It’s another sure way to soundproof your house fairly quickly.

Soundproof the Windows

This is one of the most popular ways to soundproof your house, efficiently. Actually, there are many ways that you can soundproof your windows. You can use soundproof curtains (as discussed). You can use acoustic sealants or caulk. You can also use window foams. Another option is interior acrylic or glass sheets or double paneled windows. As you could see, these are all workable options.

Soundproof the Floor

In houses, condo buildings, and multiplexes, noise from the floor above and below can be a major disturbance. Fortunately, you can soundproof the floor to reduce the decibel of the noise to stop airborne or impact sound from transferring through it.

You can use acoustic Insulation to insulate between the floor joists to reduce airborne sound transmitting through wooden floors. Also, you can stop impact sound from transferring through it by using acoustic matting or floating floors. These are effective at reducing impact noise.

Heard about acoustic matting? That is because it is the most common form of floor soundproofing that is used to reduce impact noise.

In addition to that, you can carpet the entire floor. And also add carpet padding to an existing carpet. What about rugs? Another valid option.

Soundproof the Doors

The inexpensive or easiest way to soundproof your doors is to seal all gaps on the doors. However, there are more effective ways to do it: install foam tiles (acoustical interlocking tiles), or hang a mass loaded vinyl (MLV) barrier. Another option is to get a new and better soundproof door, and place a rug in the entryway.

In summary, these are 5 effective ways you can soundproof your house: soundproof curtains, soundproof foams, soundproofing windows, floor, and doors.

June is a stay-at-home mom who has an interest in soundproofing her house so that her family can have a peaceful day after work and school. Sometimes, it is to lower the volume when her teenage son has band practice in the garage. She blogs at A Quiet Refuge (https://aquietrefuge.com).