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First impressions matter. It’s as true for our homes as it is for personal encounters. What a person sees when they approach our home makes a huge difference in what they think of the home itself – and of the inhabitants. That’s why it’s important that your driveway and walkways make a great impression. One of the best ways to achieve that is with stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete is regular concrete which has coloring and designs added to it. It’s incredibly versatile. It can appear to be brick, marble, granite, paver stone – even wood. As concrete, it’s durable and can stand up to years of use with just a resealing every couple years. And with its beautiful finish, it’s eye-catching as well.

It’s not really limited to the front of the house, or even the outdoors. It makes a great patio or inground-pool deck. And you can have your basement rec room finished with highly-polished stamped concrete that makes it look like it came straight from an architectural masterpiece or exclusive country club.

Great Ideas for Stamped Concrete

Your options for using stamped concrete are limited only by imagination. Let’s start inside the house.

Usually it’s the basement that’s going to have a concrete floor, but there’s no need to leave it drab and grey.  Polished cement or a stamped design can bring new life to the area. No longer are you left with a boring grey floor. You can have something that looks alive and complements the rest of your decor.

It’s also great for your front walkway, driveway, and entrance. You can choose from many designs that simulate a variety of stone surfaces. It adds to your curb appeal and makes your house feel more like a home. Also, you can have a heating system installed beneath the cement to help get rid of that annoying and dangerous ice in winter!

It’s likewise great for your backyard! Give your patio the look of pavers or other stone work. Have an outdoor kitchen? Make sure its floor is beautiful and inviting.

Got a pool? You can make the entire deck around it look gorgeous. Awesome designs can help make it a more fun, relaxing space.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete provides all the benefits of concrete, easy maintenance and beautiful designs.

The material is durable and long-lasting. It’s not just decorative trim. In fact, it’s perfect for walkways, patios, floors, steps and even driveways.

When treated with care, it will hold up for years. Under normal conditions, it can be cleaned simply by sweeping it off. Spraying it down can help. If necessary, it can be power-washed. For indoors surfaces, a wet or dry mop does the trick.

When stamped concrete is first laid, a sealant is applied. Every two or three years you can have it resealed. This will preserve the color and finish.

Is It Hard to Maintain Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is easy to care for. Indoor stamped concrete can be wet- or dry-mopped to keep it clean.

For outdoors, you can sweep or hose it off. If necessary, a power washer will work well. You can even use diluted liquid soap, like a dish soap, if necessary. Just be sure to wash off the soap well so it doesn’t leave residue behind.

Tougher stains can be cleaned with an alkaline cleaner. It’s best to consult with your contractor about what products to use.

Every two or three years, have your stamped concrete resealed. This will help preserve the color and surface. It’s possible to do it yourself, although we recommend having your contractor back to make sure it’s done to the highest standards.


If you’re really looking to make your outdoor – and even indoor – surfaces look great, stamped concrete is a great choice. It’s reasonably priced, durable and looks great. You can enjoy the pride of knowing everyone will appreciate how great your home looks!