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Spring and fall are the seasons which evoke big cleaning, reorganizations, tidying, throwing things out, and eventually, buying the new ones as well.

Unless you have a professional who will take care your house is sparkling clean and ready for the new season, you will have to dedicate some time to it.

One of the things that definitely cannot be avoided at the turn of the seasons is reorganizing your wardrobe. You can’t afford to spend so much time trying to find warm clothes when a cold fall morning surprises you after an Indian summer.

So you’d better have everything ready and at hand. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to make some space in your wardrobe by sorting the clothes you no longer wear.

It can also be an opportunity to do something good and donate those clothes where it’s needed. In any case, here’s what experts at My Cleaning Angel say how to make sure your wardrobe is ready for the approaching winter.

Make up Your Mind

The first thing you need to do is take all the summer clothes out of your closet and find a place to store them.

However, in order to make your life easier, it would be ideal to sort the clothes and finally decide what it is that you are really going to wear. Be honest, how many time have you worn that top this summer? Once? Never? Do you really need two almost identical skirts?

Be practical and also generous. If you don’t wear something pass it on. It could make someone’s day and make your life easier as you won’t need that much space for storing the spring and summer clothes.

Same goes for the warmer items. It’s their turn to occupy the main spot, but how many of them are you really going to wear? Do they all still fit in into your current style?

Again, be honest, be practical and pass on the things you are quite positive you won’t wear this season. Also, check if there are things which need repair and mending and make sure you do it in time, so when the real winter comes, you don’t have to worry about it.

Choose a Criterion for Sorting

Once you’ve made the final selection, you’ll have more space to organize the clothes you’ve decided to keep. Experts at cleaning companies Clearwater Florida recommend sorting the items by type, so sweaters on one shelf, trousers on the other, etc.

There are also people who like sorting clothes by color, or by style, or by how often they wear something. Whatever you choose, just be consistent and stick to it.

This part is not so difficult, it’s even rewarding in a way, seeing your clothes properly ordered. The difficult part, however, is keeping it that way. You are in a hurry, don’t have time for searching, you need those trousers urgently so you throw everything out and don’t have time to put it back.

That’s why it’s important not to have too many things in your closet, to have enough space for everything and to stick to your sorting criterion so you could find an item you need as soon as possible.

Sort Your Accessories

Shoes, bags, belt, scarfs, gloves, caps, and so many other things are, at least in my case, scattered all over the place, in closets, wardrobes, on chairs, floor, etc.

Again, as with clothes, you really need to say goodbye to some of your accessories. How often do you change your bag, honestly? You would like to, but then you need to move all the things from one to the other. Maybe you have a matching belt as well, and you’ve worn it, like, twice?

Try not to be too sentimental again, and throw out everything you don’t need nor wear.

Then designate the places for what remains and try to return the things to their designated places, in order to prevent having everything scattered all over again an creating more chaos, as that’s exactly what you’ve been trying to avoid.