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The right amount of light in any room can enhance the space immeasurably. It can make it more cheerful. It can create the illusion of space. And it can make it more inviting. Other than having the sufficient number of windows, adding translucent curtains can also bring in more light.

Delicate Window Covering

Made from net or thin mesh fabric, a translucent curtain is referred to as a net or sheer curtain. This type of curtain has been used since the 1700s and was initially made from silk lace, wool, or cotton. Most net curtains today, however, are made from polyester and cotton blends, which are suitable as well as affordable.
The beauty of net or sheer curtains is not only that they add more light into any room, but that they also still provide some degree of privacy. You may be able to see the outdoors, but you’ll be
screened from outside views.

Get Measurements Right

When buying your net or sheer curtains, you’ll want to start by getting your windows measured for length and width. If you have a curtain track installed, you may want to start from that point down to the bottom of the window frame for the length. If you want your curtains to reach the floor, then measure from the track to the floor.

To make sure you purchase enough curtains, consider ordering twice the size of your window frame. You should also have your curtains hemmed so they don’t fray; an online home  furnishing store may offer this service. Alternately, you could simply choose a ready-made
net curtain. Most will come with finished panels, delicate motifs, and eye-catching details that create stunning windows.

Jardienère or Café?

The next step is to think about which type of net or sheer curtain you want. Your options will include the jardinière, the café, and the voile. Although voile curtains are not technically net window coverings, they are sometimes sold in the same category; voile comes with appealing weaved patterns.
Jardienère net coverings are full length, which are open in the middle area—perfect for rooms that require more light and more access to outside views. Café types cover half the window and are intended mainly for kitchens or other parts of the home that do not need greater privacy.
Once you have the ideal modern net curtains in mind, you can start shopping online. Look for stores that offer greater variety in design and clear policies on returns and shipping. And be sure to do business with an online store that has secure payment systems.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts. But he also values the importance of getting expert help whenever necessary. He likes to share guidelines and tips about stuff on home improvement. He visits sites like Nets and curtains. He writes and reads almost anything that can hone his skills and increase his knowledge about home improvement and construction.