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Trundle beds have brought a revolutionary change in the evolution of beds. These beds are very useful and are multifunctional. Nowadays, people suffer due to the scarcity of space in their home. Moreover, when you have kids in your home this problem literary haunts you.  It has become really difficult to keep things organized with the limited space available. But with a trundle bed, you can keep your kid’s toys and other important stuff stored safely. Apart from storage facility, a single trundle bed offers an extra bed for your kid’s friend to stay back.
What is a Trundle Bed?
This is a type of bed that comes with another bed or two beds rolled under the mattress. This is possible with the use of a pulley or wheels. You can offer 2-3 sleeping units with a single trundle bed. Isn’t that a great option to go
for? The trundle beds come with drawers where in you can store the extra stuff of your kids as well as of your households.

Benefits of Having Trundle Beds

There are a number of benefits associated with a trundle bed. Some of the most important benefits that a trundle bed offers are:
·     A trundle bed offers extra space especially if your room is small. The trundle bed also offers twin sleeping option in a single bed. With its cluster option, it becomes easier to give sleeping space to your kid’s friend if staying back
after party.
·     There is no need of a double bed if you have twins or siblings. With trundle bed you can easily make your kids sleep in a single room. This will allow you to keep a strong bonding among your kids.
·     With a trundle bed you get a chance to store the extra stuff of your home. The storage facility of
a trundle bed makes it a perfect option for families staying in small homes.


Types of Trundle Beds
The trundle beds are available in a number of options. Their variety makes them versatile and unique. Types of trundle bed available in the market are:
·     Classic One –
The structure of these beds is in cabinet style, where another mattress is housed underneath the top mattress. There is a row of drawers like structure to hide the underneath mattress from onlookers. It is very easy to use this type of trundle beds.
·      One with Drawers – Irrespective of the Classic type, you get real drawers in this trundle bed. The drawers provide the extra storage facility. You can store your kid’s toys, books, projects etc., all in one place. This will ensure more floor space in your kid’s room.
·      Twin Trundle –
This is the third option which you can opt for if you have two or more kids. With the twin trundle style, you can give three sleeping spaces.
·      Mega Trundle –
Last but not the least, the mega trundle is the most popular trundle bed. The reason behind its popularity is that, it offers three sleeping spaces as well as storage space underneath. Its brilliant mechanism makes it the most
preferred trundle bed.
How to Choose the Right Trundle Bed?
It is very important to choose the right type of trundle bed. Apart from knowing about the types; it is also very important to know about the factors to consider before buying a trundle bed. You must check it for its quality,
practicality and size. It is always better to compare considering warranties, functionality, and quality.
If you keep these few things in mind while buying a trundle bed, choosing the right trundle bed
will not be a hassle for you anymore.

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