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The right method of cleaning an antique clock depends on how old it is. However, there are some general rules that you can follow to keep the clock clean and well maintained. If you go for proper cleaning, you might find the entire process quite complicated because it will require movement to be completely disassembled. The clock is interconnected with lots of gears and it will be difficult for you to assemble them unless you have experience doing it. Most people prefer calling an expert so that their clocks movement gets professionally cleaned.

Gather the things you would require during the cleaning process of the antique clock. You will need a washing tray, cleaning fluid, tools used by watchmakers, soft bristle brush, lint-free rag, pith, pegwood and bellows. Make sure you make use of the specialized cleaning solution that is suitable for cleaning the antique grandfather clock. Make use of the brush to clean different parts properly. Clean all the holes and hidden places with pegwood.

Remember simply cleaning the clocks will not solve your problem because the real damage occurs when dirt gets into the bearings which causes the hole to wear more on one side as compared to another. This even makes the clock stop working. The most common mistakes that people usually do are to spray the cleaning solvent on the parts and call it cleaning. In fact, this is the worst thing you do to your antique clock. In reality this will not fix the problem. Actually it will do more harm than good.

Old antique clocks which are most commonly termed as grandfather’s clock are very attractive and elegant. These clocks have the ability to add class and dignity to almost any kind of room. Nowadays, there are online stores that can help you get one of the best pieces at reasonable price also. Even though grandfather’s clock are usually considered as a thing of past, they are one of the most commonly used decorative items even today. Anyone who owns such antique clock considers himself as hitting gold.

When you own such timeless piece of artwork, it is definitely going to make great memories and will pass on from generation to generation from now. No matter how small your house is, if there is a grandfather’s clock placed in the entryway it is definitely going to give you an impression of entering into a castle. It is going to give you a feeling of royalty. If you do not have enough places for the clocks that have to be placed on the floor, you can go for a wall clock because they will not acquire room.

Once you have the antique clock with you, do not forget to keep it spotless and well maintained. You will be provided with the manual and step by step guide for cleaning the clock if you buy it from a reliable store. You can also get it cleaned at regular intervals by professional and expert clock cleaners so that you do not worry about any further damage.