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Are you residing in a rented house?

Are you worried about adding any wall treatment due to your landlord?If yes, then here is the best solution for you i.e.easyshades wall treatment. The treatment will enable you to remain the old status of the walls and add the layer of new and beautiful layout from the outside. For this, are required to follow the following trick.

Step 1:The first step is to find the fabric as per your likings and matching of the walls. Don’t hesitate in spending time in its selection process as you are going to spend a good amount on the wall treatment. So, you would not like to compromise with the designs and appeal. After you paid for the fabric, you need to wash the fabric and make it dry. This process is implemented to ensure no zero stretching of the fabric while linking with the wall.

Step 2:Next step is to glue the fabric onto your wall. For this, you can use starch. The starch helps to stick to the wall and fabric without damaging the quality of fabric as well as the old status of the wall. Apply the starch using a paint roller to lessen your actions.

Step 3: After you have applied starch over the wall and fabric, it’s time to let them dry fully. On the drywall, it’s now time to trim the fabric as per your design. Use a sharp cutter with straight edge over the wall to perform your task easily.

Now, your wall is ready. But if you found some stains on it, you can use dishwashing detergent to clean them and enjoy the decorative wall treatment.

If you are looking for fabric wall treatment for your home at affordable price then you can consider EasyShades.nyc