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Bathrooms are important to the value of a home, and just as important to how you feel in your own home. There’s nothing quite like retreating to this private space to draw a hot bath and unwind after a long day, or to enjoy a few minutes of luxury before heading off to work in the morning.

Increasingly, home-owners are making these rooms into places they wouldn’t mind spending more time in, adding ambient lighting, benches or chairs, and even televisions. And whether you have a large or reduced space to work with, there are a number of ways to create a luxurious en-suite bath and incorporate some of the latest trends and technology.

Size, layout and function will be at the core of all your decisions when it comes to creating luxury in your en-suite. Keep in mind that it’s not only the aesthetic of the features that will make the space pleasant, but what they allow you to do and how they make you feel.

Perhaps even before drawing a floor plan and looking at plumbing possibilities, you’ll want to determine your style. What goes with your home and what do you like? Are you looking for a warm inviting space with wood and natural elements or would you prefer a modern, minimalist look with dark tile and glass? Sites like Pinterest are great for this, and Houzz gives you the chance to browse hundreds of bathrooms and make note of all the elements that catch your eye.

Do a mini needs assessment – are you bumping into each other in the mornings, trying to get ready? Dual basins might be the answer.

If you’re looking to eliminate clutter, make sure you have plenty of storage space to tuck away not only the items you use every day, but those you only need once in a while.

A deep, decadent tub and luxurious shower will immediately provide the sensation of a relaxing space. You can make the best use of your space by choosing proportionate items.

In a large space, create a focal point with a freestanding bath or spectacular rain shower, making sure features don’t get lost in the space. Have a view? Bring it in.

Smaller en-suites can use the same spatial approach, choosing pieces in sizes that can exist harmoniously without competing with one another.

Add a ledge in your shower, if space allows. Dual showers are also very popular.

Consider keeping your loo separate from the main bathroom. Tucking it away allows for more privacy and improves the look and feel of the space.

Underfloor heating and heated towel rails save you from icy tile floors and the shock of getting out of the bath or shower. You’ll especially appreciate these luxury touches on the coldest days of winter.

Add texture in the form of wood, pebbles, tiles or stones.Think of what draws you in, what will feel the best under your feet, the softest against your skin. Use of texture is a great design trick that creates much more interesting spaces.

Leave room for plants to bring a natural vibe and greenery to the space. Plants like pothos, spider plants and heartleaf philodendron can thrive in moist environments and don’t need direct light.

Think sensorial, with aromatherapy and visually pleasing elements. The bathroom goes from being functional to indulgent with just a few additions that keep with the theme.  

Incorporate a chair, sofa or bench. They don’t have to be large; even one simple chair immediately gives the notion that the bathroom is a place for relaxation. You can further the look with books, paintings on the wall, curtains and decorative items. All make it a space you’d spend more time in.

Add a television in your shower or at the foot of the bath. The latest models are completely waterproof and feature heated screens to prevent steam. Flipping on the news in the morning or watching your favorite show on Netflix while soaking in the bath is one of the ultimate luxuries.

Upgrade your towels and toiletries to make your en-suite more Spa-like. Add fluffy towels that are big enough to wrap yourself in, and take your time choosing deliciously fragrant products. Even if you don’t plan to use them every day, you can keep them around to keep things luxurious (and indulge when you feel like it).

Play with color and try out soft, moody palettes. Colors like gray, muted blue and deep green are the new neutrals, and can be perfectly tranquil for bathrooms.

As you look at bathroom photos, make note of what it is that you love about each one. With a wish list in mind you can then begin to look at the feasibility within the space and make it your own special retreat.