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The key to a successful and long-lasting appliances and furniture items is regular maintenance. We sometimes forget when we even bought some things that we have in our home. While technical appliances are usually hard to keep from breakdowns and can be repaired only when something really stops functioning, furniture is a completely different story. When it comes to furniture items, you can do a lot in the prevention process, so that you do not have to undertake any major movements if the furniture gets damaged.Choose children/pet-friendly furniture

Having a child or a pet means that you need to take care of possible damage in advance. The best moment is when you are buying your furniture. As always in life, everything depends on your budget. Most people would like to buy and have the most beautiful pieces of furniture and TV-sets of 50”, but the reality is somewhat different, so we have to juggle our bills and finances to make sure everything turns out for the best. To make ceretain that your funiture will not be ruined every time your dog jumps on it or your child spills his or her milk, go for easily more cleaned materials. Cotton and blends of cotton are a great choice when it comes to price, comfort and durability. This material is perfect for the armchairs and sofas upholstery, as well. Even if it gets torn or stained, the tearing can be relatively easily sewn and repaired and many solvents are suitable for cotton upholstery.

If stained, clean carefully
When it comes to furniture cleaning, different items require different approach. For example, wooden kitchen cabinets and countertops are usually covered with a coat of wood varnish or stain,  so that any spills onto them are not that dangerous. Of course, it does not mean that water should be left at the countertop to get absorbed, but those items are usually more resistant. However, upholstery cleaning, on the other hand, demands a little bit more sophisticated approach. First of all, you need to check on the manufacturer tag what solvents and chemicals the upholstery of your furniture needs. Applying too strong chemicals on gentle materials will lead to even greater damage than the one produced by spill or tearing. If not sure, go with most neutral cleaning device. Tepid water mixed with a little baby shampoo will do in such a situation. Also, you need to have one dry and clean cloth with you, so that everything is wiped and dried as soon as the stain has been cleaned with the appropriate liquid.
Remove the hardware first

If your upholstery gets stained with a piece of food or any other solid material, you should first remove that part and then apply liquid. Using liquid on the stain before removing the solid parts will result in imprinting the stain even deeper into the surface. Just compare that with having a chewed gum attached to your jeans. If you do not remove it first mechanically, it will never go down, but even more inside. To remove those pieces of food, you should use a blunt knife. A sharp one might damage the upholstery even further.Whatever type of furniture you have, be careful with the maintenance and always stick to the cleaning instructions. If you see that the problem is too big for you, always ask for help from professional cleaners.