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Feng Shui is nothing but maintaining a good flow of energy at your home and creating harmony. Be it a big or a small house, FengShui can be implemented anywhere with just a little bit of planning and organizing.

Following are some basic tips you can follow to FengShui your home:

Fix the Entrance:

As soon as you enter your home, you should feel positive and your spirits should rise. A dirty weed or an unorganized shoe rack at the entrance would make you feel negative.

An easy way to fix the entrance is to make it tidy, adding a painting or fresh flower and keeping it lit, it will make you feel positive and welcomed.


We tend to buy new things but too much attachment to old things does not let us give it away. This results in the accumulation of a lot of unwanted things at home. Cluttering is not a good sign as it increases stress and negativity and a FengShui home needs to be decluttered.

Repair broken items and clean out anything that makes you feel bad. You should only store things that makes you happy.

Fresh Air and Light in the Living Room:

You will always feel positive in a house where you can get lots of fresh air and natural light. Being close to nature brings harmony in you. Open your windows and curtains often to get the energy flowing.

If your living room does not have enough windows, you should use shiny surfaces like mirrors to create an illusion of natural lighting.

Injecting Energy in Gloomy Areas:

There may be a room or a corner of a room which does not feel positive. Energy flow feels stagnant in that area. You need to revamp that area to avoid this energy stagnation. Decorate it with things you love so that whenever you pass by that place, you feel good.

I had a room in my home which was just used to store wardrobes. Eventually, it felt as a storeroom as it had no use. The energy in that room felt stuck. There were no good vibes. Just to make it FengShui, I moved a little furniture around, pushed all my wardrobes in one corner and transformed the rest of the room as my own music room.  The vibes in the room shifted suddenly and became all FengShui.

Using Peaceful Colors in Bedroom:

The bedroom is a place where you need to feel soothing, peaceful and at rest. Using too jazzy color would not give it such vibes. Use soothing light colors to bring the energy and vibes up in the room.

Also, a lot of active energies will not let you relax so you need to follow some rules to keep the energy relaxing. Avoid keeping laptops, computers, telephones, etc near the bed. Get soft lamps around your bed. Do not store anything under your bed as it would prevent the circulation of good energies in your sleep.

Add More Plants at your Home:

Plants are something which will add life to your home. The energy you get by adding plants at home is vibrant and live. You can add plants of your choice and the ones which are easy to maintain. It helps in circulating good vibes.

Applying Feng Shui in your Home Practically:

Unfortunately, in modern times, homes are not so spacious that you can easily follow all the FengShui guidelines. If you think FengShui, you need to declutter and get rid of things but practically speaking, there are a lot of things which you might need seasonally or just store it as memory and just cannot part away. These limitations will not allow you to Feng Shui your home completely.

Ideally, a large house with a big storeroom would have been the best solution to effectively FengShui your home but that is not always possible. Hence a more practical solution is to declutter your home, throw away things you do not need and store the rest of the things you do not want to throw in Storage Units Austin. Renting such self-storage units will help you preserve your belongings as well as FengShui your Home-Sweet-Home.