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Moroccan rugs known for its antique and vintage look, these rugs are famous in North America because these rugs manufacturer by nomadic people who were ejected from morocco in 17th century. Now they are facing hard life in America and depend on wool weaving work.
If you are going to buy Moroccan rug so how will you identify Moroccan rug, so here I am going to tell you some tips that will help you to find original Moroccan rug.
Basically Moroccan rug divided in four major categories like Moroccan trellis rug, Berber Rugs, Killim and beni ourain rugs.
Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs
This rug is inspired from antique rugs, this carpet hand tufted from wool or cotton yarn, you can see this rug in various design but the most famous design shows many lines in wave shape, and color of this rug is also natural and easily match with other décor schemes.
Moroccan Berber Rugs-
Moroccan Berber carpet is most stylish and modern carpet, this rug design contains small spots of dark colors and light shaded in background colors. Berber carpets are cheap in cost as well as durable and mostly uses in offices, Berber carpets basically made by Berber people of North America.
Killim Carpet-
Killims rugs mostly manufacturer in Pakistan, this famous Persian rug know for its flat tapestry woven. This is rug is mostly use in as a floor covering in western areas.
Moroccan Trellis Rug-
Moroccan trellis kind of looks like quatrefoil, this rug you can see many design like star shape, rectangle shape. This rug is quite soft and mostly uses in living room.