fire starter sticks

How to make fire starter sticks at home?

Sometimes making a bonfire can cost you a lot of nerves. You may need a fire while hiking, having a picnic, or just sitting in front of the fireplace. Whatever the reason, experienced firemakers know that good starter sticks are essential for lighting a bonfire. 

But is it possible to make good fire starters at home? You will find the answer below!

How to make fire starter sticks using dryer lint?

You can make fire starter sticks using dryer lint at home. Such sticks are good for camping and barbecuing since they are waterproof and burn for 15-20 minutes. To make fire starters, you need just a few items that can be easily found at home. 

You need:

  • A dryer lint;
  • Dental floss;
  • Empty egg box;
  • Wax candle;
  • Scissors.

You have to сut the egg carton with scissors into separate cells and fill them with the dryer lint. Tie these cells with the dental floss and place them into a jar with melted wax. Make sure the firestarters are fully covered with wax to make them waterproof. Now leave them for a few hours until they become dry and solid. Your homemade fire starter sticks are ready!

Pine fire starter sticks: do or buy

Pine fire starter sticks are quite popular among nature lovers. They are typically made of pine stumps or sick trees. Some companies also make separate plantations with pines. So, these fire starter sticks don’t harm the forests.

Theoretically, you can do such sticks by yourself. If you choose such a path, be ready to have a long walk through the forest. Firstly find a pine that can be the source of sticks (a broken one or a stump). 

Then peel the wood resin from the tree and place it in a separate container. You will need it later! Now you have to chop wood; the sticks must be small. Try to make them approximately 8 inches long and about 3/4” in diameter. 

Take a metal bowl and melt the wood resin. Add your fire starter sticks to the bowl and put them on fire for a few seconds. Let the sticks cool down. Now you have fire starter sticks and can make a bonfire in a few minutes.

However, if you are not ready to waste so much time making these sticks, you can buy them online or at the nearest hypermarket. They are made of 100% pine without adding resin. The secret of such fire starter sticks is in their drying method. 

Fire starter sticks with magnesium

Another popular way to make a bonfire is to use starter sticks with magnesium. They are also resistant to weather extremes and can become a helping hand for devoted travelers. Unlike previous options, you can’t do these fire starters by yourself. However, you can easily buy them offline or online.

Magnesium sticks are covered with a protective coating so they are safe to transport and use. To make a bonfire using this tool, you need to shave the magnesium bar using a solid knife. Keep the magnesium bits close so the wind can’t carry them off. After it, pace the bits into the pile and use the pressure between the striker and flint to create a spark.

Drawing the line

You can do fire starter sticks by yourself but it is not a good option for all people. Firstly, it takes a lot of time. Secondly, it is essential to follow safety rules. If you are not ready to face these challenges, it may be better to visit the nearest hypermarket.