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Unless you’re vigilant with keeping your
car safely inside your garage, the likelihood is that it is simply used for
storage of items you don’t want, but don’t want to get rid of. Years of settled
dust, spiders and moths quickly pile up until you cordon off your garage as a
no-go area.
Rather than dismiss this space, why not try
having an extensive clear out and make use of
your garage in some of these unusual and creative ways compiled by Evander
a man cave

Every man dreams of a fuss free space for
beer, consoles and a pool table so why not convert your garage into this space?
A lick of paint, portable heater and hardy furniture will quickly prove to be
the best decision you’ve made.

in a home gym
Gym memberships are costly, adding up to
hundreds of pounds over the year. If you enjoy working out or want to start a
fitness regime, why not invest in gym furniture for a long term option? The
natural breeze will quickly cool you down when working up a sweat and the
concrete base means no need to worry about the treadmill falling through the

a bar
If entertaining guests is your thing,
turning your garage into a bar can be a great talking point for any party.

a home studio
If you have a creative hobby or even work
from home, using your garage as a studio is a great way of separating your work
space from your home space. It’s often larger than a spare room and spills and
stains don’t tend to matter as much!