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With Valentines day just around the corner its time to turn your bathroom into a private intimate space for you and your sweetheart to enjoy a night in together. You can make the space as inviting as you want, by turning it into a romantic haven for you and your Valentine to cuddle up and celebrate your love for one another.
With a few simple changes you could completely transform your bathroom into a love nest – look beyond the functionality of your ordinary bathroom by creating a warm inviting environment. If you want to transform your bathroom  from plain to passionate then simply follow these tips on how to make your bathroom romantic.
Source – Pinterest
 Warm it up
Why not use this opportunity to add a lick of paint to your bathroom? Opt for a nice warm colour,  of course red is the colour of love but you could opt for other warmer shades such as orange, gold or terra cotta. These shades of colour will not only make the space feel warmer but they will make the space feel much cosier – perfect for sharing those intimate moments.
Warm colours will also complement candle light perfectly so be sure to scatter some tealights or scented candles around the room. Layer your bathroom with inviting colours, being as its a special occasion why not purchase some new fluffy towels to complement your colour choice – think about accessories too.
Lovely lighting
The right lighting could try make the mood so listen up! Okay so we’ve mentioned candles already,  but
when it comes to lighting there really is so much you can do to create that romantic mood. Tea lights are perfect for scattering around the bath especially if you’re on a budget – try and opt for scented candles or coloured ones to match your warming colour scheme.
 If you’re looking to break the budget and splash out then you could go for a new light fixture such as a chandelier or a pendant light – this will make a huge statement. If you really want to switch things up then you could install a dimmer switch, this means you can lower the lighting right down for a really dramatic look.
Source – Pinterest
 Take it to the Tub
If your going to get romantic then you simply can’t avoid the bath tub. You can have a shower any day – today isn’t about rushing its about spending time with your loved one and getting in the tub is a must.
When choosing your tub opt for a soaking tub – perfect for two people and deep enough for you to be fully submerged under the water. If you are looking for something special then you could go for a whirlpool tub, there really is nothing more relaxing. Whatever tub you opt for, be sure to fill it up with lots of bubbles or even a red bath bomb – watch it sizzle and fill your bath with an array of pink and red colour.