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If you are a social person, having guests on weekends and
sometimes weekdays is common for you. Be it a birthday, or anniversary, or even
just some random get together, who does not like having company to share our
happiness with. But, have you ever wondered if the guests, whom you invite, are
comfortable at your place. In the modern times, space is money. A small
apartment, in a nice locality, will cost you a fortune. Empty space is a thing
of the past, a wistful longing. You may struggle in a coop of a room, but your
guests will certainly not like to be entertained in that fashion, especially if
you are having diners at home. A nice dining room can change the entire
environment of the house. Eating requires a relaxing ambience. To make your
dining space comfy, we will suggest you to start from the basics.
The combination of
agreeable colours

Imagine yourself sitting in a place with harsh orange walls
and pink dinner table. The wish to eat will fly away the windows of your mind.
Nobody wants to be shocked while eating, unless you are wired differently. To
make your guests feel comfortable, it is necessary that you use tones, which
are soothing to the eyes yet attractive. A contrast colouring has been quite
popular in the last few years. You can also opt for vintage, by adding patterns
and textures to the walls. In case, you have selected the basic white and
beige, a bright spark of colour in the furniture or in the form of a chandelier
will be more than welcome.
Cozy Seating
Comfort comes if we can sit properly. Often, in many homes,
the necessity to keep it stylesh leads to compromise on the comfort. Nothing is
worse than physical discomfort, when we are eating. When you are selecting
dining set- the usual table and chair, you must focus on the usability. Your
chairs will be used for sitting and not as a show.
A revolving table:
useful as well as beautiful

While we are dining, often different guests have different
requirements. Not everybody eats simultaneously. In case you do not have a buffet
set up, revolving tables is greatly useful. In a revolving table top, a
particular section rotates, thus making it easy for the person to take the food
of his choice.
Smart Lighting
No one wants to eat in absolute darkness. A good lighting
arrangement sets the mood for the evening. While some prefer to splurge over
chandeliers, you can go unique by opting for LED hanging lamps. You can also
opt for few coloured lights, if you want to give a dash of jazz.
Cleanliness is the
ultimate key
A clean room is the most comfortable of all. Without
cleanliness, all your expensive set up will be a waste. To ensure proper
sanitation, keep the floor and the corners clean. Ensure that fresh air flows
through the room, to avoid getting a damp. Any sign of smell is a big turn off.
A vaporizer or air freshener is a must.
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