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case you have decided to welcome a pet in your house or a flat, preparations
for its arrival are necessary. It is essential to specify a place in the
apartment that will become its personal playground. You do not need a lot of
space to do this, a corner where you can accommodate a bed for your dog is
enough. The best place for the bed is in the room where the dog is the least
able to ruin something, chew it or break. It would be desirable that the floor
of the room where the animal resides is easy to maintain and preferably without
a carpet. Some old newspapers should be placed somewhere in this room too,
because this is where your dog will defecate.

dog can follow you around the house while you’re in it, but it’s not wise to
leave the pets alone with the whole place at their disposal. It’s impossible to
move or hide all the things that could endanger them or that they could damage.
It might seem to you that your pet is completely indifferent to surrounding
objects when it’s in your company, but when left alone, it tries to find all
possible ways to entertain itself and get to know the world around. This is why
it’s good to provide your pet with toys it can chew or play with to keep it
occupied. Water should always be available, but it would be smart to keep the
water bowl somehow fixed to the floor, because dogs can be clumsy and spill it
Make it friendly
completely new environment, the dog will be confused at first and it won’t know
where to pee, so it can choose a place that you wouldn’t particularly like. The
easiest way to get it used to a certain place is to immediately put him on a
previously set out newspapers after it wakes up. When the weather is nice, you
can teach your dog to pee outside in the same manner. Later, the dog will ask
you to let it out or use the chosen spot inside without any problems. Routine
is important not only for this matter but when it comes to play, sleep and
feeding time as well, and it will make you more relaxed at the same time.
It is
a lot easier to take care of a dog than a child, but some precautions must
still be taken into account. Dogs are curious by nature and they would want to
explore the world around them and thus easily get into trouble. If possible,
all electrical cords should be hidden or secured to the floor or wall, and out
of the pet’s reach. Harmful toxic substances such as antifreeze, various
sprays, pesticides, fertilizers, mice and rats poison, perfumes, lotions,
medicines, poisonous house plants should be kept somewhere safe.
Dog’s special place
your pet with Stefmar’s dog supplies. Dishes for food and
water should be separate and made of ceramic or metal. Beds or woven baskets
with a soft, easily washable fabric, big enough for your dog are great for
sleeping and rest. Cages can come in handy when you are taking your dog to the
vet or on a trip. Give your pet enough toys to encourage activity and
playfulness. Toys shouldn’t have any parts that can be easily bitten off or
that can fall off, and they shouldn’t be too small either because your dog
could eat them. Large enough clasp necklace with a tile with your printed name
and phone number in case your dog gets lost is a smart buy. Flexi leash is
durable and comfortable for your dog and you won’t be wrong if you decide to
afford it. You mustn’t forget about necessary grooming tools like brushes,
special shampoos and nail clippers.

that keeping the dog in a house or a flat is torture is wrong. Having a dog
inside your home would be torture only if you didn’t provide enough walks and
physical activity outside during the day. A dog that releases excess energy
with constant walks and playtime will spend the rest of its day peacefully hanging
out with you or dozing off at his place.