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In our daily lifestyle we use different process such as sweeping, dusting, etc to keep our home clean and dirt free. But these methods are not enough to make our home smell good. There are some other essential things through which home fragrance will not only improve but also smell good. These are:

  • Fresh Air: This is the one of the best and common way through which you get rid of decayed air. Just open all the windows and doors of all the rooms and let the fresh air come in thereby enlighten the whole area of home from fresh air and make the home alive and cool. Cross ventilation is the easiest process by which stale air pass from home automatically.
  • Don’t store the stinking stuff: A home will be maintained properly only if when you dispose all the smelly stuff timely. The following items are being listed below which need proper attention:  

-Ensure everyday disposal of garbage.

-Avoid eatables stuff to store for longer duration.

-Ensure proper drainage system in bathroom so that water doesn’t get stored at one place    as it smells yucky when it stays for longer period of time.

– Keep the kitchen area clean especially where utensils get clean. Ensure smooth outflow of water properly and instantly.

-If you have pets then keep them in separate room as even they are also one of the source of waste which need to be tackled timely so as to avoid smell at home.

-Effective usage of pesticides at home within specific period of time reduces presence of spiders and insects such as cockroaches, etc which appear very frequently at home and make the home dirty and smelly.

-Other items which need to be considered such as laundries, unattended dirty places for longer duration, drainage system, mattresses and pillows, carpets, litter box.  

  • Candles: Usage of homemade scent pastel candles gives your home fragrance just wow: With simple tricks it is easy for us to make home fragrance amazing. Few tricks are listed below:

–  Preparation of stove simmer by using slices of citrus and various herbs like lavender and mint will give your house a sweet fragrance in just few minutes.

-Preparation of scented jars just by filling simmering water with cinnamon sticks and some dried apples.

– Candles, Room freshener, Air Sprays are an excellent ways to keep our home happening and exciting in a short period of time. This product change the home smell instantly and also gives lovely fragrances. If guest is appearing during short period of time, this is one of the easiest solutions without being getting panic and can get rid of yucky smells. But we should use candles and freshener in an effective way that is both the scents should be matching to each other otherwise different fragrances will lead to perfume shop.

  • Foods: Preparation of yummy foods will make the smell of your home good and also attract guest.
  • Potpourri: It is one of the method through which you can turn your home fragrance better and alive. There is no need to rush for flowers. Add orange peels, cloves and other required oil in the simmering water. Make the perfect scent just by adding few items in the simmering water. You can also use scented oil if you want to make it stronger.
  • Dryer and Cleaners: Usage of dryer sheets near to the laundry room which gives fresh smell to our clothes.
  • Cleaning home through household cleaner will always make your home fragrance lovely and gives you fresh feeling. Usage of some diluted in a spray bottle in washrooms and kitchen area will remove smells.
  • Clothes: Clothes are also an essential factor when we talk about stinking factor. If we will store our clothes for a huge period of time then it will start smelling. We need to wash our clothes daily rather than keeping stock and then give it for laundry to keep your home clean and tidy.
  • Homemade remedies: Usage of chemical powder or homemade remedy to the carpet makes the carpet clean, tidy and fresh thereby giving them nice fragrance. If the carpet is not cleaned for the longer time then it starts stinking as it contains germs and bacteria. Lysol is the chemical which stays for a longer period of time and also helps to destroy small insects. You can also make homemade fabric refresher just by adding some fabric softener in water. Also you can add scent as per your preference and make the solution accordingly.
  • Candle warmers: Usage of candles warmers in different ways. Once candles jars become empty don’t throw it, we can use it to make our own potpourri as per our favorite scent in just fingertips rather than searching in the market. We can use any fluid such as shampoo, liquid soap, scented oil, etc whose fragrance is just amazing in those candles jars and put it for heat for few minutes thereby outcome of wow fragrance at our home instantly. This method is cheap and effective.
  • Cotton balls: Dip cotton balls into scented oils as per your preference and place them in different corners such as in between of cushions, inside A/c panel so that it spreads that smell all over the home when it switched on, behind furniture, in the flower pots, in between of various shelves and many other places by which the fragrance remains constant.
  • Polish: DIY furniture polish is also one of the step through which we can make our room fragrance great. This is the easiest step which involves cleaning from dust particles along with leaving scent on the wooden surface. This process will only work if you have good wooden surface area. Add carrier oil such as olive oil and any other oil with some vinegar and the scent as per your preference and make a mixture. Apply this mixture on the wooden surface which gives nice polish effect and removes all the stains from it.