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Lots of us work from home these days with our laptops and smartphones at our fingertips, we are constantly on the go. Our ever-present technology and relentless notifications can sometimes get the better of us but our home shouldn’t. There are plenty of ways you can destress your home whether you’re a stay at home parent that is juggling the kids and everything that comes with them or you’re managing your own business. Life is never simple so at least let your home décor be. Just a few small changes can make a big difference to your overall well-being because a healthy habitat means a healthy you.

Cut the clutter

No one wants to get home and trip over a pile of washing or a heap of magazines. The clearer your environment is the clearer your mind so ditch what doesn’t need to be there and make room for yourself to relax. There is nothing calmer than a bright airy room that’s free from reminders that you need to put a wash on or finish paperwork. So do a sweep of your space and get rid of what you don’t need because if it’s messing up your floor it’s probably messing up your mind.

If it means investing in smart storage facilities to make things easier to keep clean, then take the plunge and give yourself a little organisation to start you off.

The brighter the better

With our lives working faster than our wifis these days, travelling to and from work at busy times of the day can take a toll on our blood pressure to say the least. Make sure you start off the day well and let your home flood with light. Natural light in the home is proven to relieve stress and brings you back down to Earth if your head is spinning with upcoming tasks.

Any home can be lit a little better whether you’re in a new build or an older home, maximise window space and invest in mirrors to spread the light. Or if the stressful commute ahead is really getting too much for you but city expenses are just too high try shared ownership properties in London. You might just find the perfect home without the blood boiling commutes.

Have a friendly fridge

When rushing to and from places it’s tempting to grab a quick snack and go. While this is not only unhealthy it can also lead to more stress with low energy levels from sugar rushes. By filling your fridge with whole foods including fruit and veg it will encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle while not having you struggle to find something edible in the back of cupboard between dropping the kids of at karate and going to see a client. And if you want take it a step further you can grow your own veg by the windowsill, improving air quality in your home and providing you with cleaner sustainable food. If you’re looking for inspiration Edible Ebbsfleet is a programme that teaches towns to grow their own food and while there are many properties for sale in Ebbsfleet if you want to be a part of this sustainable garden town, you can do this in any home with a little bit of guidance.

Show some love

It’s easy to forget what’s important when we have limited time to relax but give yourself a little reminder and frame some photos of the people you love. The best decorations are ones that mean a lot to us so whether it be by the bed, on the wall or by the door as you enter and leave, make sure you give yourself a moment to remember who it’s for as you speed off to a long shift in the city centre.