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Your bedroom is more than likely going to
be the most untidy room in your home, there’s nothing worse than not being able
to find something and if you find yourself often hunting around your bedroom
then it is certainly time to get organised.
Usually if your bedroom becomes out of
control and untidy it can have an effect on your life coming home to messy
bedroom can often make you feel down so if this is the case then you must take
steps to make your room as organised as possible.
Need a hand? Don’t panic, we’ve got all the
tips you need to know on how to get your bedroom looking super tidy and
a sort out

Organise your belongings, get rid of things
that you don’t use any more. If you’re a bit of a hoarder then you need to be
honest with yourself and decided whether your really need all of that stuff!
The best way to go about it is to separate
your stuff into three piles. One for keeping, one for chucking/ going to
charity and one for selling. This way you’ll find be able to whittle down the
piles of clothes, bags, shoes and all your other belongings down and maybe make
a bit of cash too!
Only keep the items that you use on a
regular basis, if there are some items you simply can’t bare to part with then
put them into storage so they’re not in the way. Donating some of your
belongings to charity can really make a difference, but don’t just send any old
thing, be wise and donate clothing that will actually be useful.
your belongings
Okay, so you’ve sorted out what you’re going
to keep and the belongings you don’t need have gone into storage. So, all you
need to do is decided where all of your bits and pieces are going to go!
Perhaps start with your clothes, hang the things up that
you wear most often and also the items that are your ‘best’ items so they can
be kept looking uncreased and to the best quality possible. Label your draws so
you know exactly where everything is. You’ll more than likely have a draw for
tops and a separate draw for bottoms. This is will also help you when you’re
getting dressed in the morning too.
It’s a really good idea to get shoe rack
for your shoes, you don’t want a build up of trainers in the corner of your
room as this can make your room feel extremely cluttered. When it comes to your
cosmetics then they should definitely be stored in your bedroom. You shouldn’t store make-up in the bathroom as it
tends to ruin it so be sure to position it on you’re dressing table or in a
draw so it doesn’t get damaged!
it up
If you’re done sorting and and arranging
all your belongings then it’s definitely time to spruce up your room! Nothing
major, just a few little added extras that will make your bedroom feel a lot
more inviting.
Add a new picture here and there this will
make your walls seem different without having to apply a new coat of paint –
there are several ways that you can create DIY wall art without spending too
much. Small canvases, hanging decorative sheets also look really different and
make the room ultra cozy too.

If you have lots of jewellery then it’s
worth getting a jewellery stand to but you jewels on display. Buy some new
cushions for your bed they can completely transform it and make it look a lot
comfier. You could also try and add some new curtains or drape into the mix,
these are all small changes that can really make a big difference to your