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Choosing to decorate your home, whether it is old and in need of a major overhaul or a brand new, untouched house, can be a stressful time, particularly if you’re planning on your redesign lasting a good few years. You don’t want to jump the gun and choose the first thing you like, but the longer you leave it the more you’re unsure of what you really want.

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Knowing where to look for interior inspiration is key to ensuring you’re happy with your final choice, but when there is too much inspiration to choose from you can easily become overwhelmed. Categorising the interior designs you like is a great way of identifying overriding themes that you love, and reducing the stress of having to sift through thousands of unorganised images.

By style
There are plenty of interior design styles – are you a fan of the minimalist, clear look or the homely, rustic look? Maybe you like both? Organising your inspiration into certain styles helps you to identify which bits of which style you like.

By colour
Colour schemes are an important part to designing your dream home, so it is important to establish what colours you find appealing. You may find that all the colours you like have warm tones through them, or it may be that you really love neutral colours. Either way, categorising your inspiration by colour is a great way of understanding what you want from your home.

By room
This point is not as obvious as it seems, as we’d suggest categorising your pictures by which room you would want them to be, not which room they are. If you see an inspiring bedroom and you would love the look for a living room, put it in the living room inspiration! This is also a great place to put furniture and accessories which you would like to buy, as it means you won’t need to sift through your bookmarked websites when you get around to buying products.

By pattern
Patterns are a great way of adding interest to your home, so it makes sense to have a category for inspiration. This doesn’t have to be patterns from the home, it could be a scarf you love or a notebook you liked the print from. It may not be anything to do with a home right now, but when it comes to choosing a pattern for a printed wall or soft furnishings, you’ll know where to look.

When thinking about redecorating, remember that the world if your inspiration. Fashion, art and nature are all great places to get ideas for your new home – just make sure you get a picture on your phone so you don’t forget! Pinterest, Instagram and interior design blogs are also great places to find inspiration for interior design, and home decor magazines are a good choice if you like to keep a physical mood board of potential choices.