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There’s nothing wrong with storing things. Yet, we all stash some things that we suspect we won’t ever need. Old office supplies, clunky luggage, bulk food, family photos, you name it.  If you are having hard time finding an item in a pile of clutter in your basement, it is high time to get rid of things like that clunky box of high school
papers. Keep your house and storage spaces clutter free, and spare yourself the ordeal of searching for the misplaced item.

Digging for treasure

It is convenient to stash things in closets and cabinets as long as there is any space in them. Once that is no longer the case, you might need a major overhaul. The scale of the task ahead can be discouraging, but don’t despair. Break the work into manageable bits and be prepared for a thorough cleanup and sorting.  You might need to visit the organizational store for shelving systems, bins, containers and other items.

You can also fight the clutter with the ordinary items like shoeboxes and glass jars, so be imaginative. You can a
use spare shower curtain hooks for clothes in the closet or put plastic grocery bags in a tissue box. A paper towel holder and a dish-drying rack can be utilized to store many other items. Here are some more tricks that might come in handy.

Sorry grandma
You will have to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Maybe you paid some good money for something, or there is an emotional value attached. Still, it would be wise to toss or donate thing you don’t need any more. Your grandma’s antique cup set sure is nice, but all is doing down there is collecting dust.


There is a variety of small adjustments you can make right away. Put your sheet sets and blankets under the
bed to save a lot of space. Install a bathroom cabinet for all those health and beauty products spread all over your bathroom. Find out what can a few hooks or hangers do to reduce the mess. While you are at it, keep in mind that a hall or entryway closet could provide a perfect landing pad for hats, jackets, umbrellas and scarves.
A place for everything

What you need to do is to find the proper use for every storage space. A Laundry room can be a good place to stash some toilet tissue, and a small bowl near your washing machine will make sure all items that you find in pockets end up in one place. You can also use the linen closet with shelf dividers for house linen and extra toiletries.

A basement should be a holding place for appliances, and space for other activities like hobbies or exercise. Store
all your valuables on shelves or any place that is above the flood level. A heavy rain can turn your basement into a mud basin. Clear out the space around equipment and machinery, and put the frequently used items near the entrance. Retrieving something from your basement shouldn’t turn into a rescue mission.

Signed, sealed, delivered
Put things back the moment you don’t need them anymore. Items you are saving to donate you can
put in bags or stylish plastic crates.  Label everything you store in boxes, it will save you both time and nerves. Be cautious when storing items that could attract pests, keep them in containers.

A flammable clutter can also be very dangerous if not properly stashed. If not the fire, than the moisture and mildew will be the end of them. Beware of the hazardous items, as they should be stashed in locked containers. You don’t need a toxic soup in your vicinity.

Store, don’t pile up

We don’t use storage spaces every day and it is easy to neglect them. If you can’t enter in your basement, let alone find anything there, it is time for some organizing.  It won’t be a cake walk, but you need to roll up your sleeves. Keep it tidy and reduce the amount of unwanted critter. Don’t waste your storage space with useless items, or
those that are not in a good condition. Unless you are a doomsday prepper, you don’t need all those cans and paper supplies.