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You have successfully packed everything in the house, and better yet, you did so with time to spare. Your living room is filled with boxes ready to get shoved into the moving van. You breathe a sigh of relief; it was physically taxing, but because you followed reliable guides, it was not as mentally taxing as you thought it would be.

But then you get to the bedroom. You see the bed, the bed stand, the pillows, the blankets, the set itself, and the furniture. Feeling a overpowering sensation to just give up on packing, you close your eyes, and fall onto the bed.

Welcome to the most difficult part of packing. Packing the belongings that encompass your bedroom is easily the most time consuming aspect of packing and moving. If you made the decision not to pay a crew to pack for your move, you probably started regretting it once you realized that you had to pack things into the bedroom.

Now perhaps you are lucky. Perhaps you do not have a lot of belongings or a lot of furniture in your bedroom. Perhaps all you have is a bed, a box spring, maybe a nightstand next to the bed and a small coffee table to place a television on. This is a room of a fortunate mover, and that is still quite a bit of packing.

If you have more than the above description in your bedroom, you are not one of the lucky ones. Fortunately, there is a way to pack up everything in your bedroom with a minimum amount of stress. If you follow this guide, you will have a much easier time.

Packing the bedroom is an intricate system

Do you want to know why most people just pay for a crew to pack everything in their house instead of doing it themselves? It’s because they know they have no idea how to pack anything in their bedroom. They know how to pack the clothes in their closet and their electronics, but not much else. That is why they just get somebody else to do it.

Let’s say it is your job to get everything in the bedroom, pack it up neatly, and place each and every thing into the moving van. Would you not need a highly organized, intricate system to do this? What would happen if you did not have any system or plan to do this? It would take days…literally.

That is why you need to have a system for moving the bedroom. Most systems begin with a stating a problem, plot out a course of action to solve the problem, and then take the action. People who pack things to move themselves? They just take action. This will not work when packing anything in the bedroom.

Make a list first

The very first thing you should do before packing up your bedroom belongings is to make a list of each and every thing in the bedroom. Separate things that can just be thrown into a box from the items that cannot. This will save a lot of time and effort. The purpose of making this list is to organize the belongings and calculate what kinds of materials you need in advance. No physical packing is to be done during this step. Making this list and calculating what you will need is absolutely necessary for this “system” to work. If you do not do this, you will run the risk of being extremely stressed out when packing things from your bedroom.

Packing the clothes and other linens/fabrics

Now that you have stated the problem (made a list) and plotted out a course of action (determined what and how many materials you need), it is now time to carry out the action. Pack clothes and linens first because when you do this, you’ll be able to calculate further what else you need and how much time is needed. The materials necessary all depend on how you value your clothes and linens. You may be content with just throwing these things in a box, then bringing them back into better condition after you move.On the other hand, you might care about these things a little bit more and use wardrobe cartons. This is completely up to you.

Packing small bedroom belongings

This may be the most tedious part of packing the bedroom, because of the sheer number of small belongings that may have turned up in your bedroom over the years. The very first thing to do is determine if you really need some of these small trinkets in your bedroom. Do you really need the hundreds of books you have collected that you haven’t even opened in twenty years? That grandfather clock that hasn’t worked since you got married–do you really need it? Determine what you can just give away. A word of advice: If it’s something you have not used at least ten times in the last year, you do not need it. Throw it away or give it away. Being a pack rat can make the packing process last days, if not weeks longer than necessary. Some things can just be replaced. That being said, packing these small belongings follow the same protocol as any other fragile item. Take with you what you can, mention other things on the High Value report, and if you need to pack, wrap up fragile items before putting them into a box.

Moving the bed/furniture

This is, in fact, the easiest part of packing things in your bedroom…if you have elected to have all your belongings placed into a moving van by a moving company. The moving company can supply you with a special mattress carton that can protect it from dust and dirt during the move. When it comes to furniture, most of the time the moving company will cover it with a tarp or some other kind of protective covering before carrying it out.

If you have elected to go the DIY route and rent your own moving truck, you will need a combination of luck and resourcefulness. It will help to find some kind of protective covering for your furniture. That is where the resourcefulness comes in. Some people accomplish this by covering their furniture with trash bags or some similar material.

The weather on moving day is where the luck comes in. If you are lucky, you will be able to get all of your furniture into your rented moving truck on a day with no rain. If you have rented the truck for a few days, you could possibly just wait for a day until the rain clears up as well.

Packing things from your bedroom can be extremely successful if you do not view it scientifically. Planning and organization go a long way when packing bedroom belongings and furniture. Resist the temptation to pack things without a plan and instead, take the time to come up with a good plan that you can follow through on. This will make packing things from the bedroom much easier.