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When it comes to moving, your dining
room is often the most hazardous room to pack up and transport. China,
stemware, and miscellaneous furnishings like chandeliers are kept in this room.
While organizing your house for the move you need to take extra care with this
room so that it is ready for your removal company to move for you. Find a local removalist to be sure
that the job is done right.
You can never be too safe with your valuables. Before it is time to hand
responsibility to the removalist company, be sure that you have done all you
can to protect the contents of your dining room. Here are some tips for the

How to Pack Fragile Glassware

Your China and other dinnerware can be difficult to pack, along with nerve
wracking. If you take the time to cushion it, there is no reason to worry about
any of your boxes.

Each piece should be wrapped individually in clean white paper. Use several
sheets for each one. Stemware should be wrapped diagonally, starting from the
corner. The edges may overlap, but you can tuck them in for extra

Flatware, though first wrapped individually, can be bundled by threes into more
manageable tiers. Large plates and platters work great for the bottom layer of
a bundle. Above them you can put bundles of shallow bowls and saucers.

No matter what glass items you are packing into a box, you need to be sure to
add wadded up paper as a buffer between items and the box itself. Do not allow
a single void inside the box. Any shifting could cause cracks in tea cups or
the shattering of a wine glass.

Horizontal cardboard dividers add additional support as they even out the

How to Pack Your
Dining Room Furniture

If you have to disassemble furniture for the move, be sure to keep the little
parts like screws and things in the same location. It is easy to lose these
bits in transit.Some furniture may not be able to come apart for more convenient transport.
Your removal company can help you figure out the best way to transport these

Other Miscellaneous Furnishings to
Think About

Some people put lamps in their dining room instead of relying on an overhead
light. When moving a lamp to a new home, it needs to be taken apart as much as
possible first. The bulb should be removed and either packed with great care or
simply replaced at the new home. The base should be taken off and wrapped. Even
the lamp shade should be wrapped for its protection. Use white paper so the ink
does not damage the lamp shade’s color and design.

Wardrobe cartons work great for packing draperies and curtains. Fold them in
half, pin them, and hang them in the wardrobe carton.


Find a Local Removalist That Will Help You with the Things You Cannot Move Yourself

Mirrors, chandeliers, and paintings should be left to the removal
. They are fragile and their size makes them awkward to carry. Removalists
have experience working with items like these and will know how to handle them.
Let them worry about it.
Packing up your dining room can be done right with patience and care. Make it
one less thing to stress about.