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While organizing a garden party is somewhat more complicated than simply having one indoors, being outside, (moderately) exposed to the elements creates a feeling of freedom that is difficult to imitate. Just like with any other kind of party, you’ll need to plan carefully and be prepared for different eventualities, but if you manage to create a nice atmosphere, you don’t have to worry about minor incidents ruining your night. If you plan on entertaining, we compiled a small list of tips on how to make your garden party as interesting as possible.

1.Organizing the Layout

Before going ahead with decorations and taking care of other details, you need to identify the points of interest in your garden. First of all, you should designate the main sitting areas as well as those that people may want to linger around (near a fountain, next to a flower patch…) and ensure that there is free and unobstructed passage between these points and main exists. You want people to be able to circulate with ease, without creating congestions or trampling your flowers. Once you know the layout, it will be much easier for you to figure out the decorating scheme.

2.Ensure Privacy

While people enjoy being outside, they don’t really want to feel like they’re in plain sight of everyone who happens to walk by. Likewise, if you’re near a busy street, the noise could be quite disruptive. You might want to create something of a barrier that would shield you from the noise and obstruct the view. Just make sure to include the barrier into the décor, and that it doesn’t stand out too much.

3.Keep the Elements Away

While you do want to enjoy being outside, there are some things that you’ll need to be shielded from. Rain, or intensive sunshine, if you’re having your party during the day, could make the event quite uncomfortable without the right protection. You can easily create safe spots by installing garden marquees, larger parasols, or if you plan on entertaining on regular basis, even building a small gazebo.


There are a lot of little things that you can do to make your party look special. Some people recommend using glass ornaments or tableware for daytime parties, as sun creates beautiful patterns while reflecting off the glass. In keeping with the outdoors theme, you might want to use jam jars with candles inside for illumination, or improvise something else with items typically found around the house. It would be great if you had a focus piece in your garden, which can serve as the basis for the rest of your décor.


You can’t have a garden party without a generous amount of flowers. To keep cut flowers fresh for as long as possible, make sure to clip the stem at an angle, while holding it under a stream of water, and then place the flowers into a container filled with warm water.
If you don’t have enough flowers, or are worried about how long they will last, you can mix fresh, real flowers with artificial or silk ones. If you distribute them carefully, no one will notice the ruse, and they’ll make your garden look lush and vibrant.

Author: Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. She’s interested in architecture and home decor. Love to write and to share her tips and tricks about home decoration.