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You just fix a new blade on the band saw in the last week, and you think that to sharpen the old blade for the new project. Everything is going good humming, and suddenly they may lead to the sparks and something else.

For the next project, there are no issues on the blade, but the cutting is slow down than the before, and it gets more heat after cutting. These band saws are very fast, and it is completely based on the material what you are cutting, even though without any issues are involved in it. Wood contains so many pitches, frozen woods, and dense hardwood. Some of the woods are abrasive than any other material.

You have a 10′ band saw at 6TPI, which has to sharpen the teeth for 600. To sharpen this need to use the coarser blades which are large with fewer teeth and take more time to consume but not to mention to your body and eyes.

Options for sharpening:

Here is the two way to sharpen the blades, one is a mechanical way, and the other is a manual way. Mechanical way is completely based on the machines which are mainly designed for sharpening the blades, and the manual way is used to grind with the best oscillating multi tool or power tools. If you did the job, perfectly than it sharpens out the 4-5 in a single band earlier where the geometry of the tooth held changes significantly. Sometimes the blades may get dull and need to sharp again for the initial time it lost cause, and after sometimes it may get right techniques to work properly, it takes less time, less cost.

Mechanical way:

Tools used to sharpen the saw blades:

Walter CNC-5D:

This is the machine which is used to sharpen the blades automatically for every cutting angle on the table, and the circular blades will program it. Then it sharpens the blade edges with the possibility, without any manual approach. While using this machine, the lifespan of the blade cutting is more.

Walter NC3:

This is the machine which is more stable in the sharpening and grinding the saw blades. And it is mainly designed to sharpen the carbide saw blades. After giving the measurements, the blade will sharpen, and the finishing of the blade is like a mirror razor.


This is the tool which gives excellent results and new features that as only full of saw shops in the United States. The clamp of this machine has a hydraulic blade and the liftoff wheel. When you use this machine to sharpen the saw blade, it means cutting of the blade is better and it stays sharper for long period of time, and it good compared to the new blade.

Price of the blades sharpening:

Price is completely based on the teeth available in the blade.

  • 6-40 teeth- $8.50
  • 41-60 teeth- $12.00
  • 61-80 teeth-$13.50
  • 81-100 teeth- $15.00
  • 101 – 120 teeth- $ 19.00
  • 121- 130 teeth- $23.00
  • 131- 150 teeth- $28.00
  • Strob saw teeth- $8.50

Dado sets:

  • Fillers- $3.50

For tip replacement:

  • Standard Tip Sizes – $2.90
  • Strob tips- $3.00

For complete re-tipping:

  • Standard blades- $1.60 each tooth also for sharpening.
  • Strob blades- $2.50 each tooth also for sharpening.

These are the tools for sharpening the saw blades, and the cost of each tooth to sharpening is available in this content.