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you are already done with the process of mapping out the plan of your home,
choosing the colors, and planning your budget, then you can now start visiting
furniture stores. One of the best neighborhoods that you can visit is Sungei Kadut in Singapore. With the area’s wide selection of stores, you will surely find
the types of furniture that you need.
the accessories that you need for your bedroom up to the utensils that you will
be using for your kitchen. This place is ideal for both residential and
commercial clients. So whether you are decorating a new office or renovating an
old home, here’s a simple guide that you can use to make your task much easier.
Check the furniture’s
you have already found the furniture that you want, be meticulous in checking
the item’s finish. This is to ensure that you are buying only the best products
for your home or office. Make sure that the finishing is not camouflaging any
flaws, such as stains or scratches. The finishing should also be consistent and
even. It should not have any brush strokes or bubbles. If you are buying pieces
of furniture that are made of wood such as rattan or wicker, be wary of any
splinters. Ensure that the weaves are tight but not clogged. The furniture
should be well made that even if you turn it over, you wouldn’t find any flaws.


Check the furniture’s cushions
quality of a fine cushion should be well-defined and neat. The details, like
buttons or seams should be securely attached. It should also be properly sewn
so the feathers or cottons would not be exposed. You can even lift the cushions
just to look how it is made. Check if there are paddings that’s not sewn properly
or if there are springs that are too obvious or unprotected.
Check beneath the furniture’s condition
the furniture based on how it will be used in your home or office. For example,
if you are planning to buy a sofa that you can use for a picture window,
consider the fact that it might fade because it is often exposed to sunlight.
Therefore, you might want to choose a product that has less pattern and color.
Check the shipping fees
often forget that buying huge pieces of furniture requires them to be shipped to
reach their homes. Before committing to buying an item, be sure that the
shipping cost won’t ruin your budget. You can even compare prices to other
stores just to check the ideal shipping rates.
that you already have these tips, you can now confidently visit Sungei Kadut.
One of the best stores to visit is Scanteak.
You may also visit their website for more details.